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If Alfa Romeo made trucks…

If Alfa Romeo made trucks…

Alfa Romeo cars are things of beauty. The Italian car maker has a long history of producing
some of the most stylish road and race cars around.

But what if Alfa Romeo were to turn its hand to truck making?

A Korean designer has created his vision of what such a big rig might look like.

Basically, if Alfa Romeo were to make trucks (and if I’m honest, that’s not very likely), it would probably
look something like this.

But what if there was a chance? There was a time when Alfa Romeo was allied to Iveco, but
that’s no longer the case. Although, the two are still linked because they are both are still
majority-owned by Exor. Hmm…

Anyway, as truck designs go, this ain’t half bad. The oversized adaptation of Alfa Romeo’s
signature shield-shaped grille definitely gets the thumbs up from me. Perhaps one day we’ll
see Alfa’s F1 cars being transported to tracks in a truck like this.
Or maybe we won’t…

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