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In the face of a global crisis, truckers need to keep on trucking

How to become an HGV driver

While many businesses had to shut down offices and many employees are working from home, not all jobs work like that. Driving a truck, for example.

Truck drivers are playing a vital role in getting medical supplies, groceries and loo roll where they need to be.

Covid-19 has been a real test for supply chains. Soap, masks and ventilators need to be transported from manufacturers to hospitals, and the raw materials required to make those items need to get to factories. Supermarket shelves can’t be stacked quickly enough and the demand for toilet paper is through the roof.

Data from DAT reveals that spot rates (the cost of hiring a truck at short notice) have risen 6.1% over the last month, and load-to-truck ratios have shot up compared to this time last year.

The roads might be clearer of traffic with so many people staying at home, but queues and congestion at distribution centers are proving a real challenge.

And that’s not all. Many truck stops have decided to close their communal areas such as lounges and gyms, while others have been forced to shut cafes and restaurants. Meanwhile, reports have been coming in of facilities demanding to take drivers’ temperatures before entering or refusing them access to toilets and sinks.

At times of crisis, the work truck drivers do is invaluable, so let’s treat them like human beings and show some gratitude.

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