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Intensive driving course: Do this before 2023?

Intensive driving course

Before passing the practical driving test by DVSA, learner drivers must partake in an average of 47 lessons over the course of six months to a year.

If you are in a hurry to become a certified driver but don’t want to spend so much time behind the wheel learning to drive, the intensive driving course could be the right choice for you.

An Intensive driving course, known as a crash course, can be done in a short period but costs intensive driver training with juggling over 4-5 hours of training per day.

In this article, we’ll explore if an intensive course is a right decision for learner drivers before the beginning of 2023 so you can plan ahead for your success.

Things to know before starting an intensive driving course in 2023

Intensive driving course

Before starting your intensive driving course, you’ll need to ensure you’ve gotten hold of a provisional licence. Before applying for the course, you’ll also need to pass your driving theory practice and hazard perception test under DVSA.

As the booking dates often vary, an additional fee can be charged, so it’s wise to get the fixed booking date and work backwards to fit your lessons in. If you plan to do the semi-intensive course, you can start your driving lessons earlier.

Lastly, finding a good driving instructor is far more crucial because you’ll have the same instructor throughout the entire duration of the course.

How long do intensive driving courses last?

As the intensive course is organized on a case-by-case basis, a week-long course is the most popular. For students committing to full-time lessons up to 5 hours per day, instructors work around to manage the time schedule for them.

But the time to complete the overall intensive driver training can be judged by your learning skill, availability and the driving school you’ve opted for.

Now, if you feel like struggling to manage long days behind the wheel, you can also opt for a long intensive course. If you plan to skim through your skills before the test, you can choose a 10 hours lessons in the range of two days.

It’s best to ask the driving school you’ve rolled in as they can best assist you with your appropriate schedule for your course. Whereas shorter courses can be chosen by demonstrating your fundamental grasp of driving.

How much does an Intensive driving course cost?

Driving lesson charges are practically cheaper for an intensive course; therefore, many young drivers opt to apply for intensive driver training instead of an entire learner driver course. But there are many other ways to cut costs.

As the intensive course prices are based on their length, a one-day intensive training can cost drivers around £200, but we suggest you choose this only if you are required to practice a few hours before the test. Whereas a week-long course can cost you around £1,000, and if you decide to double it for two weeks, the price is over £2,000.

The prices can undoubtedly seem high initially, but after knowing that the driving instructors charge about £24 per hour, you are saving money in the long run.

Breaking down into a chunk of prices, the average number of lessons needed per person is around 47, so most have to pay over the amount of £1,000 (excluding the cost of the theory and practical tests). So it becomes a cheaper choice actually.

Note: Intensive driving course prices may vary in your region. Intensive courses, like many other things, are fundamentally costly in London.

Is it worth doing an intensive driving course in 2023?

If you believe you are a quick learner behind the wheel, have the fundamental skill, and want to sharpen it, the intensive driving course is the best option to choose in 2023.

However, if you are struggling with the long lesson days and think you are guaranteed to pass the test with more diverse driving experience before going solo, this test is rather not for you.

Although, there’s a higher chance of passing if you tolerate the assignment sessions among the driving schools you’ve chosen. Those who passed the driving test have had about 47 hours of practice, including 20 hours of private practice.

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