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Iveco and Plus unveil autonomous trucking pilot in Europe and China

IVECO and Plus announce plans for an autonomous trucking pilot in Europe and China.

Iveco has revealed a tie-up with self-driving truck technology firm Plus for the launch of a pilot in Europe and China.

The aim is to begin the validation and integration of Plus’s autonomous trucking technology with Iveco’s latest-generation S-Way heavy-duty truck.

The joint trial will test and demonstrate the performance of Plus’s integrated system in the Iveco S-Way across a wide range of environments and driving conditions using both a driver behind the wheel, and the PlusDrive solution which is Level 4 autonomous driving technology.

The pilot will help gather data and validate the design integral to S-Way autonomous production.

‘A commercial product to customers in the heavy-haulage sector’

Iveco’s chief technology and digital officer, Marco Liccardo, said: “As the only autonomous trucking technology company that has already started delivering a commercial product to customers in the heavy-haulage sector, Plus has developed a clear and compelling strategy to launch a driver-in solution first and then a Level 4 autonomous truck. 

“This is in line with our customer-centric view of a more automated and safe truck aiming at improving productivity and reducing operating costs.”

He added: “We have always emphasized the need for expansive testing to validate that an autonomous driving system is able to handle diverse weather, terrains and driving scenarios.

The chief executive and co-founder of Plus, Shawn Kerrigan, said: “This pilot will accelerate our efforts to start production of autonomous trucks that combine Plus’s production-ready, high performance, full-stack Level 4 autonomous driving technology with Iveco’s deep engineering expertise and focus on safety and sustainability.”

Iveco aims to accelerate the development of hydrogen heavy-duty trucks

Meanwhile, Iveco has also revealed that it will work with Air Liquide, a world leader in gases, technologies and services to develop hydrogen trucks in Europe. 

The partnership will contribute to materialise clean mobility by leveraging the two companies’ talents – Air Liquide’s expertise across the entire hydrogen value chain, and Iveco’s expertise as a provider of advanced, clean sustainable transport solutions.

The result could see the roll-out of heavy-duty fuel-cell electric long-haul trucks coupled with the deployment of a network of renewable or low-carbon hydrogen refuelling stations along the main European transport corridors.

Luca Sra, Iveco’s president, said: “We are committed to the development of a hydrogen economy and are excited to collaborate with Air Liquide in researching the most effective way to provide operators with this sustainable alternative transport fuel.

“It is essential that we all focus on reaching global net zero-emission targets, working together to propel the industry faster in accomplishing this.”

Matthieu Giard, vice president of hydrogen activities at Air Liquide, said: “Hydrogen can significantly contribute to reducing emissions of the transportation sector as it is particularly well suited for long-haul heavy-duty vehicles.

“Air Liquide is pleased to join forces with a leader such as Iveco to explore how to set this revolution in motion. In line with its sustainability objectives, Air Liquide acts in favour of the development of hydrogen ecosystems and contributes to the emergence of a low-carbon society.”

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