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Iveco S-Way’s CNG range boosted with new tanks

Iveco adds extended range CNG tanks to Iveco S-Way's natural gas range.

Iveco has revealed that new, larger tanks on Compressed Natural Gas versions of the Iveco S-Way will add a 15% uplift in the truck’s range.

Spearheading the largest decarbonisation movement in transport for more than 20 years, the latest S-Way operates the most mature gas technology on the market. 

The natural gas versions of Iveco’s heavy truck enable operators to dramatically reduce their carbon emissions output by up to 95% when running biomethane fuels in either Compressed (CNG) or Liquefied (LNG) forms.

And to celebrate Iveco’s continued investment in gas power, it has expanded its available fuel tank options for its S-Way CNG 4×2 tractors, increasing the total fuel capacity to 1,052-litres – that’s an increase of 132 litres.

CNG fuel tanks consist of four cylinders

The CNG fuel tanks consist of four cylinders arranged into a ‘pack’, with one pack sitting on either side of the truck’s chassis. 

To help maximise the available space, half of the cylinders on each side will remain at 115 litres, while the remaining cylinder capacities have been increased to 148 litres.

This additional tank size enables 160kg of compressed natural gas to be squeezed into the tanks, which equates to an impressive 15% proportional uplift in the vehicle’s range.

The new tanks are available to order now with the enlarged fuel tanks requiring a minimum fifth wheel height of 190mm.

‘Natural gas, the gateway to zero emission transport’

Jorge Asensio López, Iveco UK’s medium/heavy product manager, said: “Natural gas, as the gateway to zero emission transport, is becoming harder to ignore. 

“With the larger CNG tanks and a refuelling network that is undergoing nationwide growth at a considerable rate, the Iveco S-Way CNG offers operators an environmental solution that must not be ignored.”

Launched in RHD in November 2020, the Iveco S-Way is the truck maker’s latest and most advanced heavy truck to date, offering exceptional fuel economy through advances in aerodynamic design and high levels of connectivity with Iveco On. 

The Iveco S-Way natural gas truck is available as a tractor or rigid with four Natural Power Cursor engines capable of running on CNG, LNG or both.

S-Ways come with a connection to the firm’s control room

All natural gas-fuelled S-Ways come with a connection to the firm’s control room and comprehensive 3XL R&M package for three years, maximising TCO by reducing downtime.

This offering will see the vehicle’s running characteristics being remotely monitored, with maintenance intervals altered according to usage. 

Over-the-air software updates could also negate potential workshop visits altogether, the truck maker says.

Iveco and Plus announce autonomous trucking pilot in Europe and China

​Meanwhile, Iveco has revealed that it has teamed up with Plus, a global provider of self-driving truck technology, as their European partner for the launch of a pilot in Europe and China.

This will begin the validation and integration of Plus’s autonomous trucking technology with Iveco’s latest-generation S-Way heavy-duty truck.

This first joint trial will test and demonstrate the performance of Plus’s integrated system in the S-Way across a wide range of environments and driving conditions.

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