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James Hall & Co. orders engineless Carrier Transicold Syberia units

James Hall & Co. has taken delivery of three new Volvo FE rigid trucks, with the company's first Carrier Transicold Syberia MT (multi-temperature) engineless units.

James Hall & Co. has taken delivery of three new rigid trucks, each specified with the company’s first Carrier Transicold Syberia MT (multi-temperature) engineless units.

The Preston-based firm says the move is designed to improve the sustainability of the commercial vehicles working across its wholesale contract with the international food retail chain, SPAR. 

Carrier has revealed a 2030 target to reduce customers’ carbon footprint by more than 1 gigaton and these engineless units will reduce emissions of the James Hall & Co. fleet. 

Carrier Transicold is a part of Carrier Global Corporation, the leading global provider of healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent building and cold chain solutions.

‘Carrier’s engineless systems are new to the business’

The fleet manager at James Hall & Co, Ian Farnworth, said: “Carrier’s engineless systems are completely new to the business.

“As a company, we are conscious of our carbon footprint, so the main driver for adding these vehicles was to help start the move away from fossil fuels. 

“With the approaching changes to red diesel rates we had looked at a range of options, but the Carrier systems offered an ideal solution. So far, we’ve been delighted with their performance.”

He added: “Carrier Transicold has held a place on our fleet for more than eight years. 

“No matter the type of unit, we’ve found them to be consistently reliable and able to tackle anything we ask of them.”

Carrier Transicold Syberia MT systems are mounted to Volvo FEs

The new Carrier Transicold Syberia MT systems are mounted to 18-tonne Volvo FEs, featuring Gray & Adams refrigerated bodies. 

The new vehicles replace older Carrier-cooled assets and will deliver fresh produce and groceries to SPAR outlets across the north of England.

The Syberia units run on power derived directly from the truck’s Euro VI diesel engine, all thanks to Carrier Transicold’s Eco-Drive power module. 

This uses a hydraulic pump connected to the truck’s engine power take-off to drive a generator that delivers electrical power capable of providing 100% refrigeration capacity, even at standard idle speed. 

The Syberia also boasts rapid temperature pull-down capability and operates at a PIEK-compliant level below 60 dB(A) – ideal for James Hall & Co’s urban delivery routes.

Syberia systems join an 80-strong mixed temperature-controlled fleet

The new Syberia systems join an 80-strong mixed temperature-controlled vehicle and trailer fleet, which already features both Carrier Transicold Supra MT and Vector 1550 units.

Expected to clock up to 100,000 kilometres per year, the new vehicles will operate for seven years, with each unit backed by Carrier Transicold’s comprehensive BluEdge fixed cost full-service maintenance package. 

This includes annual temperature control testing and certification, full regulatory checks and access to the company’s oneCALL 24/7 incident management service.

The Syberia unit is a solution offered through Carrier’s ‘Healthy, Safe, Sustainable Cold Chain’ programme to preserve and protect the supply of food, medicine and vaccines.

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