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Josh Pray’s truck driver appreciation video

Josh Pray’s truck driver appreciation video

If you’ve never heard of the comedian Josh Pray, it’s about time you did. His truck driver appreciation video is a joy to hear. It’s also pretty funny and he covers all the big issues.

The worst schedules on earth

Pray says he gets frustrated picking up his child six minutes down the road every day. There’s no way he could deliver meat and furniture across the country.

Tricky love lives

Spending so much time away from a partner with only disjointed Facetime messages: “That’s a tough life.”

Weather is no excuse

Pray explains to anyone who doesn’t understand logistics that “things don’t just appear out of thin air”. A truck driver has probably driven through a storm/flood/hurricane to get that to you.

If truckers were to strike all the time…

If truckers decided to strike (and there are plenty of reasons to) nothing would be where it should and everyone would be in a lot of trouble.

Truck drivers are smart

Sitting in a confined space all day listening to talk radio, politics, sports, science, entertainment? “There is nothing a truck driver shouldn’t know.”

Check out the video. It’s just over four minutes, but he packs a lot in!

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