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Kids videoed driving truck on motorway

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There’s without doubt a shortage of drivers in the trucking industry, but there has to be a limit on how young we can train new drivers up, right?

A video showing a young boy seemingly driving a truck on a motorway in Northern Ireland has raised this question and many more after being shared on social media.

The video, which was shot on the M1 near Dungannon, Co Tyrone, has been met with horror after it was shared on Snapchat, with users describing it as ‘shocking’.

The video shows the youngster sitting in the driver’s seat, apparently steering the truck as it travelled eastwards on the motorway. The boy is so small, he has to sit on the edge of the seat, barely able to see over the steering wheel.

This promoted a police investigation in which officers asked the public to help them identify the child and the man talking to him in the cab.

The man can be heard shouting at the boy to “keep over” after he veered out of his lane.

A 37-year old has since been arrested and released on bail for aiding and abetting driving while disqualified by reason of age. Police also confirmed he was questioned on suspicion of cruelty to children.

You’d think that one video of a youngster driving a truck is enough, but a second video emerged the following week showing a young girl at the wheel of what appears to be the same lorry on the same stretch of road.

The police said they were aware of the footage and were investigating.

Many in the trucking industry would agree that young drivers are the key to the future, but we have to draw the line somewhere! Social media is used as a recruitment channel by some truck companies, but these videos might be attracting kids of the wrong age!


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