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L Plates & D Plates: Everything you need to know before you drive

l plates

Drivers consider many things when it comes to learning how to drive & when is the right time to learn. But firstly, drivers have to ensure they know enough about L Plates on their vehicles before setting off for the roads.

These road safety plates are a must to display by UK drivers to alert nearby road users that you’re a learner driver.

While we know you’re excited to hop on your vehicle and take full advantage of your driving licence, our essential guide will help you understand how to display L plates correctly and avoid getting unwanted fines and points on your driving licence.

What are L Plates?

L plates, known as Learner plates, are displayed on the front and back of the vehicle to show nearby drivers that you’ve recently passed your practice test and are in control of the vehicle as a learner driver.

l plates

An L plate is a capital letter L sign written in red colour over white background. L stands for learners and is a symbolic representation of a new driver behind the wheel.

When the learner driver is not using the vehicle, L plates should be removed or can be covered temporarily.

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What are the L Plate legal requirements?

The basic learner driver requirements are that the L plate stickers must be displayed all the time when learner drivers are behind the wheel.

Ensure the L Plates & D plates are in the correct size and shape, as it’ll cost you six penalty points on your licence if they are not set correctly.

A provisional licence will allow new drivers to drive on all UK roads except the motorways. Regardless of the allowance, it’s necessary to ensure that learner drivers are supervised by a driving instructor, friends or family members over 21 years old, qualified to drive the same vehicle type and have a full driving licence for at least three years.

The above restrictions will be lifted when the driver passes the driving test.

Is it legal to make your own L plates?

No legal restrictions exist for making your own L plates as long as they meet all the necessary requirements. You can also round off the corners without hesitation if the plate stickers are long-lasting and weather resistant.

L Plate Printable

You can also find the below document to print your own L plate.

Where to buy L plates?

You can either print L plates from the above document in a proper patchable sticker or search your local store like Wilkinson’s & Halfords to get the printed copy.

What are the types of L plates?

There are two types of L plates you can buy for your vehicle. One is Magnetic L plates, and the other is Sticky L plates with adhesive. These are the two types of the most commonly known.

Are your L plates falling off?

How to make sure your L plates won’t fall off? Ensure that you use the proper surface on your vehicle to attach L Plates. They must be safe and resistant to the UK weather and not fall off.

For more information, visit driving lessons and learning to drive by UK.GOV

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