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Lockdown Lessons for UK Trucking Companies


This article holds Insights on how UK trucking companies are dealing with the pandemic.

The effect of Lockdown on our society as a whole has been undeniably disruptive. Especially in the haulage industries in the UK, trucking companies are experiencing a 30.0 Purchasing Managers’ index (PMI) rate measured for economic business growth, with 50.0 being “business as usual”. But, the supermarket companies and grocery suppliers have been operating at maximum capacity, while medical & PPE suppliers were top priority.

Unfortunately, the other half of the haulage companies, whose customers are caterers, restaurants, event companies, service businesses, manufacturers & construction companies, remained idle for much of the lockdown period. This means, according to the RHA survey, 50% of LGV truck drivers were inactive during Lockdown, with over 70% of haulage firms furloughing their employees. Consequently, there were around a quarter of a million delivery vehicles parked up with no work, this being just under half of the UK trucking companies.

On the bright side, the UK trucking companies are recognized as a pedantic service, promoting logistics workers & delivery drivers as “Essential Workers” during the crisis. Whereas the biggest trucking companies in the UK played a critical role in transferring some of these redundant workers from idle sectors to busy sectors, saving thousands of workers from unemployment.

UK’s leading trucking companies like HSF Logistics are trying to ensure the efficiency of supply chains and high delivery standards as possible by educating the workers on the essential ways to foil the COVID-19 threat by Cure through vaccination, Natural immunity & Behavioural precautions like social distancing, with free extensive testing of individual truck drivers and employees.

We are in a highly volatile period, with significant developments occurring daily and a plentiful amount of new data regularly being dispersed. So, until the situation returns to some degree of normality, UK trucking companies & haulage sectors have to be rapidly dynamic in their strategies to sustain their businesses.


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