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Look – no hands!

Look – no hands!

A lorry driver in the UK has been caught making an online payment on his mobile phone while driving his truck along a motorway. With phone in one hand and credit card in the other (you do the maths) he was filmed with no hands on the wheel.

He is one of around 3,000 drivers caught breaking the law in the past 12 months by an unmarked police HGV.

A fleet of three of these special police units give officers an elevated position from which to observe and film unsafe driving on the UK’s roads.

Highways England head of road safety Richard Leonard said: “We introduced the three new HGV supercabs last year to help keep the roads safe and tackle dangerous driving by people who have either got into bad habits or are simply ignoring the law.”

Tom Cotton, from the Road Haulage Association added: “There’s a small minority of drivers whose actions endanger other road users, often with tragic consequences.”

Unfortunately, there will always be some drivers who give other truckers a bad name. How urgent was that payment he was making anyway? 

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