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Lorry driver sought after “unwanted” kiss on the cheek

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How much trouble could a kiss on the cheek land you in? Quite a lot it seems.

Police in Derbyshire have launched a hunt for a lorry driver who kissed a woman on her cheek to show gratitude for her assistance.

After the trucker’s vehicle got stuck under a bridge in the Derbyshire town of Matlock, a 70-year-old lady helped out by directing traffic. The man thanked her with a kiss – but “the woman did not [ask] the man to kiss her on the cheek”, according to Derbyshire Police’s social media team on Twitter.

The driver now faces sexual assault charges.

Police said: “We want to speak to anyone who was in the area at the time and may be able to help our enquiries into the incident. Of particular interest are any drivers who were in the area at the time and may have captured the lorry on dashcam.”

It’s a story that has been met with derision and disbelief on social media. “Quickly, arrest most of continental Europe,” one Twitter user posted in response to Derbyshire Police’s tweet.

Others have called it a “ridiculous waste of resources” and suggested the force think about the “stress” it could be putting on the accused lorry driver.

As the backlash grew louder, the police deleted their tweet, and the press release on the incident from their website.

After removing the appeal, Derbyshire Police said fears over Covid-19 infection had “added to the woman’s distress” but were not the reason for pursuing the complaint.

The force added it was their “duty to investigate the circumstances”.

It’s unclear whether the charges against the man will be pursued.

What’s your take on the story? Commentators seem to have jumped to their own conclusions without seeing the incident first-hand.

There’s a serious debate to be had somewhere…

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  1. It’s a private matter. It is up to the female whether she would like to press charges but at the moment we need all the hgv drivers to help keep the shops full and the freight moving rather than stopping trucks with goods on to help fight the bloodly virus crap which is going on.


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