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Meet Vera, Volvo’s new semi

Meet Vera, Volvo’s new semi

Trucks might not need a driver in the future, but they definitely need names – just ask Volvo.

Not happy with just creating a driverless electric truck concept, Volvo has given it a name: Vera.

According to the truck manufacturer, the idea is that Vera is monitored by a cloud-based service, giving logistics a boost.

For Volvo, a truck with no driver means there is no need for breaks or sleeping – making for a more efficient, cost-effective journey. The only delays would be the time taken to recharge the colossal battery.

As Mikael Karlsson, vice president autonomous solutions at Volvo Trucks stated: “Vera is still under development, as we need to take steps to secure safety aspects.”

Aah yes. The small issue of safety. It is unlikely these (or any other driverless electric trucks) will be seen hurtling along our motorways any time soon. The safety considerations are a huge hurdle – as is convincing a sceptical general public that trucks with no drivers are OK. For most people, that’s not going to be to accept.

With her 185kW motor, range of up to 186 miles and capacity to pull a 32-tonne trailer, Vera is still very much a concept.

And she’s likely to stay that way for some time.

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