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Mercedes-Benz eActros unveils a new battery-powered era

Mercedes-Benz eActros unveils a new battery-powered era

This is the Mercedes-Benz eActros that will be unveiled this week and the truck introduces battery-power for heavy-duty distribution.

The world premiere will, the firm says, usher in a new era for their range and will underline its commitment to delivering CO2-neutral road transport.

The new eActros will begin production later this year and there has been a lot of focus on customer co-creation so lots of Mercedes customers have been involved closely with the design and development of the eActros.

Battery-powered eActros truck 

Indeed, prototypes of the battery-powered eActros truck began with customer trials in 2018 and they used a fleet of 20 18-tonne and 25-tonne versions.

This led to customer feedback being used early on to heavily influence the truck’s development.

Mercedes says that the prototypes have now racked up more than 500,000 km on public road testing.

Customers replacing their diesel-powered trucks

These customer trial fleets led to customers replacing their diesel-powered Actros trucks with battery-powered alternatives to see if they could meet challenging tasks in a range of sectors.

Among the tasks they undertook included transporting chilled goods to supermarkets, using a tank body for the production of concrete and handling waste container replacement.

Mercedes says that before the customer trials were complete, it became clear that the battery-powered eActros was not inferior to their conventional diesel offering.

Also, drivers are reported to be pleased with the performance of the electrically powered truck, particularly with the availability of torque over the entire rev range.

The driving experience of the Mercedes-Benz eActros

Drivers also report that the driving experience of the Mercedes-Benz eActros is smooth and pleasant and the cab is a quiet place to be.

Mercedes says that the series production of their eActros will be superior to the prototypes used by customers with more safety and performance functions and the battery delivering a longer range.

Andreas von Wallfeld, the firm’s head of sales and marketing, said: “We first presented a concept for a heavy-duty electric truck back in 2016. 

“Two years later, we put our prototypes to a tough test by renowned customers. The eActros that we will unveil is the final result of all the experience we gained on the road and on test rigs.”

‘Strength of our Mercedes-Benz brand’

He added: “It is a reflection of the innovative strength of our Mercedes-Benz brand when it comes to alternative drive systems. 

“At the same time, the vehicle is also the result of our close and intensive cooperation with our customers. Thanks to intensive practical testing, we will launch a vehicle that is completely tailored to the customers’ needs and offer it along with an extensive range of services.” 

More details about the equipment list and battery range will be unveiled during the official launch and a timescale of when the Mercedes-Benz eActros will be available in the UK.

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