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MJ Hughes bridges the visibility gap with a new Mercedes Arocs

South Yorkshire-based structural steel specialist MJ Hughes has added the first truck with MirrorCam to its all-Mercedes fleet.

Structural steel specialist MJ Hughes has added the first truck with MirrorCam to its all-Mercedes fleet – and the 8×2 Arocs will spend much of its time in London.

Supplied by Northside Truck & Van, the vehicle has a ClassicSpace L-cab sleeper and is smartly finished in MJ Hughes’ recently updated silver and grey livery, with Alcoa Dura-Bright alloy wheels and roof-mounted light bar. 

The truck’s ‘cheese wedge’ beavertail plant body is the work of Sterling, of Stokesley, and Auto Electrics Group of Bradford has fitted a full complement of cameras for all-round visibility.

The 3245 variant is powered by a 12.8-litre six-cylinder engine that produces 450 hp and, thanks to the single drive axle, it is significantly more fuel-efficient than an 8×4 32-tonner. 

MJ Hughes serves the general construction and rail sectors

South Yorkshire-based MJ Hughes has been serving the general construction and rail sectors from its headquarters in Maltby, near Rotherham, since it was established in 2002. 

The company offers a comprehensive assembly and installation service covering bridges and overhead line electrification works, that includes lift plans and Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMS). 

The company commissioned its first Mercedes truck in 2012, an Axor eight-wheeler which was reliable and cost-effective to run, but its Euro V engine meant the truck no longer met the required emissions standard for operation in London, so it was sold last year to make way for the new Arocs.

A pre-owned 6×2 Actros 2553 tractor unit purchased in 2016 is still working alongside the four Arocs has that were since acquired, and another tractor unit, also a 2553 model, has been fitted with a crane.

‘Mercedes trucks have always lived up to their premium brand reputation’

 Chris Hall, the plant and transport manager, said: “Our Mercedes trucks have always lived up to their premium brand reputation. They don’t let us down, they’re easy to work on, and the drivers like them.

“They look really good too. Image is important and a clean, smart looking truck reflects well on our business in the eyes of everyone from the DVSA to ‘Joe Public’.”

He added: “Our vehicles can spend as much time on rough sites as they do on the road, so the extra ground clearance you get with the Arocs is a big advantage. 

“It offers a good body and payload allowance, and as a purpose-designed construction chassis is ideally suited to our work.”

Impressed with the truck’s MirrorCam technology

Mr Hall is also impressed with the truck’s MirrorCam technology, and he said: “The safety benefits are obvious, so I’m all for it.

“I collected our new truck from the dealer on a miserable day but the images from the cameras were crystal clear. Fantastic!” 

Driver Leejay Neale is equally enthusiastic and said: “MirrorCam is absolutely brilliant.

“This is the first time I’ve used it and the all-round visibility is a lot better than I was expecting. 

“I’m on and off tight sites all the time and being able to see so much more of what’s around you makes the job a lot easier – and safer.”

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