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Montgomery Transport Group invests in 100 Mercedes Actros trucks

Montgomery Transport Group invests in 100 Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks from Intercounty Truck & Van.

The Montgomery Transport Group has bought 100 Mercedes Actros trucks that will shortly make up the bulk of its fleet.

A big part of the decision was down to the customer-focused commitment from Intercounty Truck & Van that has kept the haulier’s fleet on the road and operating efficiently.

Both businesses are part of Newtownabbey-based Ballyvesey Holdings which is investing in 100 fuel-efficient Actros. 

Most of these trucks are going to Montgomery Transport which provides a range of just-in-time services to a broad cross-section of customers working across the FMCG, retail and wholesale, manufacturing and construction sectors. 

New Actros 2545 tractor units

Its new Actros 2545 tractor units use 12.8-litre in-line six-cylinder engines that produce 450 hp and have been specified with either StreamSpace or BigSpace cabs.

Five of the Streamspace models are being assigned to Montgomery Distribution Ltd, as well as the rigid vehicles ordered. 

The first of these 13 curtainsiders is scheduled to enter service next month and all of them are 18-tonne 1824 models with 238 hp 7.7-litre straight-sixes, ClassicSpace S-cabs, and PPS Commercials bodies with Dhollandia tail-lifts.

Although Intercounty Truck & Van is a ‘sister’ company to the two businesses now introducing the new Actros to their respective fleets, it won the order in the face of strong competition from other manufacturers.

Montgomery Transport’s new Mercedes trucks are replacing trucks from rival marques. 

Latest Actros model generation

They are from the latest Actros model generation and equipped with ground-breaking technology such as MirrorCam, the camera-based replacement for conventional mirrors; the radical Multimedia Cockpit, with its stylish and intuitively operated twin screens; and the Active Brake Assist 5 emergency braking system, with improved pedestrian recognition capability.

Once the last of the new trucks have entered service, all but 10 of Montgomery Transport’s 119 tractor units will wear three-pointed stars. 

Its newly-promoted managing director, Ian Dickinson, said: “Intercounty Truck & Van has had to work hard and prove it is worthy of our business. 

“Its success in doing so reflects the quality of the Dealer’s people, as well as the quality of the Actros as a product.”

Package put together by Intercounty Truck & Van

Mr Dickinson highlighted the competitively priced package put together by Intercounty Truck & Van, which includes funding from Mercedes-Benz Finance, and Complete Service Contracts.

He added: “The new Actros did very well and the excellent fuel economy we recorded during our evaluation exercise has been reflected in the returns from the first 50 units that we’ve put into operation.

“They’re consuming 14% less diesel than our previous fleet average.”

Mr Dickinson said: “The Montgomery Transport Group has evolved significantly over the last couple of years, and we continue to make progress against the current, challenging backdrop. 

“As with every other haulage company we’d like more drivers and I’m confident that our latest state-of-the-art Mercedes vehicles will help us not only to attract new recruits but also to retain those highly valued colleagues who already contribute so much.”

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