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Most trucks ‘not ready’ for London permit scheme

Most trucks ‘not ready’ for London permit scheme

Less than a quarter of fleet managers whose trucks operate within London are completely ready for the capital’s upcoming HGV permit scheme, according to a new survey.

The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) and safety permit scheme will require all HGVs over 12 tonnes gross vehicle weight to meet minimum standards concerning how well the driver can see through the cab window.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, fleet managers have been given more time to get their vehicles up to standard, and enforcement of the new Transport for London (TfL) scheme will not start until March 2021 at the earliest. 

However, a survey of 700 fleet managers found that just 22.2% of firms based in Greater London and 20.1% of firms based elsewhere said that all their vehicles were ready.

Some 36.9% of London-based firms said none of their vehicles were ready, and 39.1% of non-London firms agreed, according to the CameraMatics survey

Safe System

The scheme is aimed at improving the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and other road users. It covers Greater London, and will be in place 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Applying for a permit is free.

Vehicles will be assessed and given a star rating. Initially, they will need a one-star rating to gain a permit, but this will rise to three stars by 2024.

Vehicles can be retrofitted with an approved Safe System from a variety of manufacturers.

Trucks found to be in breach of the scheme will be issued a Penalty Charge Notice of up to £550.

Rule enforcement

Steve Warne, technical director for CameraMatics, said: “Some operators will find their vehicles are already compliant and simply need to apply online for their permit, but others will be given a zero-star rating.”

He continued: “I would urge companies not to leave this until the last minute. March 2021 and enforcement of the new rules will be here before we know it and the run-up to the festive season is always a busy time for the freight and logistics industry.”

Do you believe your trucks are ready for the new DVS scheme?

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