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MV Commercial reaches new heights with the 50th Hiab 858 crane

MV Commercial reaches new heights with 50th Hiab 858 crane

MV Commercial are celebrating supplying their 50th Volvo FH 540 tractor unit fitted with a Hiab 858 crane.

The 858 EP-6 HiPro crane offers unparalleled lift and reach capacity and has been one of the most popular heavy-mounted cranes for MV Commercial.

Headquartered in Airdrie, Scotland, MV Commercial specialises in the supply of high specification dry freight, construction, and crane trucks, with a hire fleet of more than 1,600 vehicles.

The firm has a unique ‘In Stock, Ready to Go’ fleet of more than 200 units.

And in the last five years, MV has supplied more than 350 Hiab mounted crane trucks to a wide variety of sectors nationwide.  

‘Well-known in the industry as crane specialists’

Steven Cairns, the managing director at MV Commercial, said: “Thanks to our ongoing strategic partnership with Hiab, we are well-known in the industry as crane specialists. 

“As such, the majority of the time we find people are proactively approaching us in search of a Hiab crane and we are then able to advise them on which specific model is best suited to their needs.”

He added: “The Hiab 858 crane is our most popular heavy crane and since we added it to our offering in December 2017, we have fitted it to over 50 rigid and tractor units

“The majority of customers work in the utility or telecoms sectors who will use the crane and truck combo for transporting and erecting equipment on site.

“The feedback we have had from our customers has been nothing but outstanding. We’ve also supplied several customers with the Hiab 858 E-6 paired with a fly jib and again, the results have been fantastic.”

Recipient of the 50th Hiab 858 crane from MV Commercial

Josh Punchard of Matlock-based Josh Punchard Specialised Haulage and recipient of the 50th Hiab 858 crane from MV Commercial, said: “We started working with MV Commercial in 2021 to secure our Hiab equipment and our experience has been nothing but positive.

“Each piece of Hiab kit has been of the utmost quality meeting, if not exceeding, all expectations when it comes to both performance and technology – something that is imperative to our business running smoothly. 

“The customer service provided by MV Commercial is also second-to-none and, as such, they will be our go-to supplier for Hiab equipment for many more years to come.”

Jack Cox of Hiab UK said: “We’re delighted that the 858 HiPro crane has been so well received by MV Commercial and its customer base – we really value our relationship with MV and the fact it has become synonymous with selling Hiab equipment is a testament to the reputation and product quality of both companies.”

The 858 HiPro crane benefits from remote-controlled operations and Hiab’s world-leading leg monitoring system, another reason why MV Commercial has seen a surge in demand for the equipment.

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