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New ADR and ‘Pet. Reg.’ service to fuel success for Mercedes dealer Midlands Truck & Van

West Midlands-based operators of vehicles used to transport hazardous goods will be able to call upon Midlands Truck & Van for specialist maintenance and repair back-up

West Midlands-based operators of fuel tankers and other vehicles used to transport hazardous goods will soon be able to call upon Midlands Truck & Van for specialist maintenance and repair back-up.

The Mercedes dealer plans to open a workshop bay at its branch in Birmingham that will be compliant with ADR and Petroleum Regulations. 

It will also operate around-the-clock, from 6am on Mondays until Saturday lunchtime.

Midlands Truck & Van began trading in 2020 from its purpose-built, £7-million dealership in Cornwall Road, Smethwick. 

‘Pet. Reg’ bay is due to begin operating

The ‘Pet. Reg’ bay, which is due to begin operating early in the New Year, is located at the far end of the workshop. 

It has a 15-metre pit and, for safety purposes, is separated by a wall from the rest of the building, which boasts six drive-through truck and trailer bays, and others for vans.

The Health and Safety Executive and Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations place a duty of care on employers to protect all personnel from any risk arising from fires, explosions or similar events in vehicle maintenance workshops.

The Dealer is investing £75,000 on specialist and custom-built inspection equipment and ADR Hazardous Goods training for truck service manager Dean Bennett and the four technicians.

Testing systems and dedicated gas detector units

There will be a bespoke working-at-height facility, plus vapour tightness testing systems and dedicated gas detector units, as well as adaptors and connectors to facilitate the safe opening and closing of valves.

Following assessment and approval, the dealer will be authorised to issue the Safe Loading Passes required by participating fuel terminals. 

A Safe Loading Pass confirms, for example, that certain additional mechanical and electrical systems fitted to a road tanker have been maintained to a standard that means they do not present an unacceptable risk.

The firm’s managing director, Steve Hunt, said: “We’d planned from the outset to establish a Pet. Reg. operation at Smethwick, and the bay was incorporated within the original design of the building. 

“It was ‘mothballed’ initially, though, as our first priority was to focus on delivering the mainstream repair and maintenance support that our customers rely upon.”

‘Significant investment in our new Pet. Reg. service’

He added: “The very significant investment we’re making in our new Pet. Reg. service reflects Midlands Truck & Van’s commitment to provide customers with a truly comprehensive, ‘one-stop shop’ service.

“I’ve every confidence that by adding this additional string to our bow, we’ll also be opening the door to conversations and opportunities to grow our business with operators that don’t currently have relationships with us.”

The dealer’s new Pet. Reg. service will be available to operators of all makes of tractor unit and rigid truck used to transport petroleum – so not just those with three-pointed stars on their grilles – as well as petroleum tank semi-trailers. Once it is up and running, the facility’s remit will be extended to cover a broad spectrum of hazardous loads.

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