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New MAN Truck Generation offers fresh innovations

New MAN Truck Generation offers fresh innovations

New innovations have been unveiled for the MAN Truck Generation that will appear on the trucks later this year.

The firm says that the TGX, TGS, TGM and TGL trucks will become more user-friendly and safer, as well as being more fuel-efficient.

One particular highlight is the MAN OptiView mirror replacement system which will remove the need for traditional exterior mirrors.

The innovation will make the new Truck Generation more driver-friendly and safer, MAN says.

MAN also says their innovations include:

  • CruiseAssist driving assistant
  • Additional fuel savings of up to 3.7%
  • Over-the-air updates
  • New digital services.

Innovations will provide benefits

The truck maker says that the innovations will provide transportation companies and drivers with benefits for their day-to-day operations.

Goran Nyberg, MAN’s board member for sales and customers, said: “We know that our customers’ businesses never stand still, so at MAN we never stop working on enhancements for our products.

“For this reason, we are making our new Truck Generation more efficient, safer and more innovative and are placing even more focus on simplifying the day-to-day operations of our customers and drivers, thus making us a reliable and competent partner.”

The optional mirror system will be available to order from October and will use cameras at the sides and front of the truck.

The driver will have two large high-resolution displays in the cab so they can see what is happening around the vehicle.

The range of options to select includes eliminating blind spots and improving visibility – which should improve significantly the safety of other road users.

The new collision avoidance system

MAN is also adding a new collision avoidance system to help protect the vehicle when changing lanes – this is an extension of the previous warning system.

There’s also CruiseAssist which will see the TGX and TGS trucks utilising the system for accelerating, braking and steering independently while in traffic.

However, the driver will need to keep their hands on the steering wheel for the system to work but should remove the burden that drivers face, particularly in traffic jams.

There’s also a collision-avoidance system, a turn assist function and lane change support.

Truck Generation fuel savings

MAN says that its new Truck Generation had fuel savings of 8.2% when it was unveiled – but they are about to go one step better.

From July, a new dynamic torque adjustment function can be ordered which will reduce the idling speed and boost fuel consumption.

When using the firm’s TipMatic 12 gearbox, the firm says that fuel savings can be boosted by 3.7%.

The truck maker also says that it’s about to expand the range of over-the-air function updates available for drivers and fleets, and their free driver app will add new features.

One of these is the ‘Perform’ function which will analyse vehicle and driver deployment and will be upgraded later this year.

There’s also ServiceCare which will analyse and then transmit truck data to boost vehicle availability.

Indeed, the MAN ServiceCare Centre will contact customers if a fault is detected in a bid to prevent a breakdown.

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