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Not watching trucking YouTubers? Here’s why you should

Not watching trucking YouTubers? Here’s why you should

Everybody knows YouTube. Perhaps you use it to watch the latest music videos or whittle away the hours bouncing from one humorous clip to the next.

But, have you ever thought about checking out some trucking YouTubers?

You might have assumed only young folk watch YouTubers. But you’d be wrong. There are lots of greater trucking YouTubers to be found on the platform, it’s just a matter of knowing where to look.

In this blog, we’ll highlight some of the best personalities to be found on YouTube. But first, let’s look at the reasons why the platform is a must-stop for truckers (rookies, in particular). 

Be informed

If you have a burning question that needs answering, sometimes it can be hard to know who to turn to. You might not want to ask your employer if it’s a matter related to your rights at work, for instance.

YouTubers often bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience for you to tap into – and you can remain relatively anonymous, if you’d like.

Be entertained

It’s not all serious talk – far from it, in fact. YouTubers are known for their funny anecdotes and entertaining content. As someone working in the industry, you’re their prime audience.

Hearing other truckers tell their stories can make you feel part of the community – vitally important when you’re working on your own most of the time.

Be a contributor

Why not contribute with your own stories from the road? Over time, you’ll also acquire lots of knowledge that other truckers might want or need to hear.

Being a contributor, rather than just a viewer, can be very rewarding. Try for size once you feel confident enough.

Three YouTubers to check out

1 Stavros

Stavros is one of the most enthusiastic truckers you’re likely to come across. His content consists of in-depth vehicle reviews, festivals and event coverage, as well as videos documenting his life. Once you’ve watched one, we defy you not to watch more.

2 Luke C

If you are a UK trucker, Luke C is a must-follow. Luke knows the UK roads like the back of his hand, as you’ll soon find out. He often talks about locations that truckers will pass whilst out on the road. But his channel is much more that that – check it out for yourself!

3 Trucker Jay

Self-described “Noob-Trucker”, Trucker Jay shows new and wannabe truckers the transport industry from the inside. Jay’s videos show him performing manoeuvres, talking about his work and everything in between.

Why not fall down a trucking rabbit hole on YouTube today! 

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