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Overhaul of road policing required, urges Logistics UK

Overhaul of road policing required, urges Logistics UK

Industry Group Logistics UK has called for an overhaul of how the UK’s roads are policed, suggesting that the system should be operated on a national basis to ensure consistency.

This comes after a joint review into road policing by the Home Office and Department for Transport (DfT).

Speaking about this, head of road freight regulation policy at Logistics UK James Firth said the business group was “calling for the government to establish common, unified road safety objectives which all enforcement bodies are committed to achieving and that are governed and administered at a national level.”

He continued: “Road transport is a national industry which does not recognise regional boundaries; the expectation of road users is that roads policing will be exercised in a uniform way across the country, including devolved administrations.”

Logistics UK has also asked that the DVSA places greater attention on driver exhaustion and vehicle maintenance when monitoring commercial vehicles. This, explained Firth, would mean that enforcement resources are concentrated where most needed, namely “on the seriously and serially non-compliant.”

Firth continued by saying that it makes sense for costly roadside resources to be geared towards identifying those who pose the greatest risk to road safety. Conducting routine roadside stops, for example, takes the DVSA’s focus away from non-compliant operators and instead creates a huge inconvenience for low-risk, compliant businesses.

The consultation for the roads policing review ran from 13 July to 5 October this year, and aims to better use intelligence to target dangerous behaviour and technology to enforce road traffic law. It also wants to reduce the number of road casualties, congestion and pollution.

The number of road casualties has plateaued in the UK over the past decade – 1,905 deaths in 2010 and 1,926 in 2019.

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