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Published: Fleet road safety report

Published: Fleet road safety report

A new report by Brake’s Global Fleet Champions has been published urging fleets and governments to make road safety a priority.

The report revealed that around a third of road traffic crashes in high-income nations are thought to be work-related.

Mary Williams is the chief executive of Brake and co-author of the report and explained: “This vital report is the first international report of its kind uniting voices in proclaiming the urgent need to address deaths and injuries on roads caused by a vehicle being driven for work purposes, which are a significant proportion of casualties on roads.

“Governments and employers need to step up urgently and take action, putting road safety centre stage of business decisions and occupational safety and sustainability reporting.”

According to the report, governments need to do more to strengthen legislation relating to businesses and their drivers and improve data collection around the causes of work-related crashes.

The report also recommends that businesses have their own policies and procedures to help manage road risk for their workforce and the entire supply chain.

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