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Renault Truck opens vehicle parts recycling centre

Renault Truck opens vehicle parts recycling centre

Renault Truck Commercials has unveiled the opening of its first dedicated parts recycling centre, along with a new parts website.

The parts recycling centre is at the Renault Trucks’ South dealership in Reading.

It is an authorised treatment facility and will specialise in genuine second life parts for Renault Trucks.

The facility will select end-of-life Renault Trucks to help meet the growing demand for quality, well-priced recycled genuine parts.

‘Fully authorised genuine parts recycling centre’

Con Rooney, Renault Truck Commercials’ managing director, says: “We are proud to open the doors of the first fully authorised genuine parts recycling centre in the Renault Trucks network.”

He added: “As all sectors of the market and supply chain have been affected by the challenges of the global pandemic, this investment is further evidence of our long-term commitment to supporting customers with more affordable, quality options that are a commercial and environmental ‘win-win’.”

Steve Astill, the firm’s group parts manager, says the assurance that every vehicle is certified through the manufacturer’s fleet file for total transparency is key.

He explained: “We know the service history of every part on every Renault truck that comes through the facility, which gives customers real peace of mind. 

“Additionally, all major recycled components come with a warranty and our qualified technicians work to exacting standards to remove the parts, which are cleaned, prepared and stored ready for sale.”

Highest standards in health and safety

The new facility is designed to ensure the highest standards in health and safety and to the environment. 

Mr Astill adds: “We try to sell as much as possible from the vehicles we process, however, anything we can’t sell is disposed of through our waste conscious streams, correctly recycled right down to the copper from our wiring looms.”

The new parts website for Renault Truck Commercials will improve the customer journey, product advice and support.  

The site has been fully optimised for mobile use and designed around the customer to select and purchase the right part seamlessly.  

Buy the correct parts for a Renault Truck

Key features include a unique VIN number search option which ensures the customer will buy the correct parts for their Renault Truck.  

There’s also a ‘Fit on my truck?’ button for each listing so customers can ask a question which will be answered directly by Renault Truck Commercials’ sales team. 

Mr Rooney said: “Our new parts website makes it easier for our customers to shop with us at a time that suits them, backed by the expertise and professionalism of our dedicated aftersales team. 

“Renault Truck Commercials offers a total parts solution for every customer, from new and reconditioned exchange components to recycled parts at competitive prices.”

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