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Renault Trucks revamps its T, T High, C and K models

Renault Trucks revamps its T, T High, C and K models

Renault Trucks has revealed that it is changing the exterior of its vehicle design for the T, T High, C and K models.

They say the move will create a more up-to-date and assertive style.

The firm’s design director, Paul Daintree, says designers have been working on the ranges since 2018.

He explained: “It is crucial for designers to put the end-user at the centre of their thinking and decision-making.

“We organised collaborative work sessions with our customers in the design studio and visited truck stops and customer depots to meet hauliers and drivers in order to understand their needs and respond to them.” 

Expertise of Renault Trucks engineers

This fieldwork by the design teams, shared with information gathered from the dealer network and the expertise of Renault Trucks’ engineers, formed the basis for changes to the vehicles in terms of style and comfort.

This has led to the vehicle front being redesigned to allow more space for customer graphics and paint schemes.

The front lighting has also been moved to LED technology to deliver better illumination and reduce the height of the headlamp unit.

Renault has also redesigned the front grille to deliver a more automotive, sophisticated look.

Grille being turned into a step or seat

The fold-down function that sees the grille being turned into a step or seat has been retained because it’s popular with Renault drivers.

The Renault Trucks logo has also been made larger to reflect its enthusiasm for their new creation.

Designers also looked at driver comfort and like growing numbers of truck manufacturers, there’s a growing need for trucks to have a car-like driving position.

The new Renault Trucks T, T High, C and K have a new three-way adjustable steering column with a foot-operated button and keyless start. 

Easier for drivers to adapt their driving position

This will, Renault says, make it easier for drivers to adapt their driving position to their personal body shape and preferences.

Improvements have also been made to the comfort of life on board for truck drivers.

Mr Daintree added: “We decided to improve the comfort of the basic bunk, increasing the thickness and the density of the mattress and doubling the spring count.”

For optimal comfort, an over mattress has also been added for drivers to enjoy.

Bigger storage spaces and added dedicated storage

The Renault Trucks designers have also created bigger storage spaces and added dedicated storage for telephones or tablets with USB charging points close by. 

Non-visible storage includes a new drawer allowing an A4 size notebook or tablet to be safely stored. 

And for a perfectly relaxing on-board atmosphere, the fabrics and colours have been changed to soften the contrasts and help relax a driver’s eyes which are put under considerable pressure during driving sessions. 

Mr Daintree said: “Although our current seats are really appreciated, we took the opportunity to update the materials, notably by replacing the traditional full leather seat with an embossed fabric. As with the exterior, we are proud to be Renault Trucks, so the logo has pride of place on the seats.”

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