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Renault’s 2019 models comply with CO2 emissions regs

Renault’s 2019 models comply with CO2 emissions regs

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Renault’s Euro-6 Step D-compliant drivelines for its new 2019 models deliver fuel savings compared to current generation trucks.

Renault’s Range T are fitted with DTI 11 and DTI 13 Euro-6 Step D engines in line with the legislation due to come into effect September this year.

Featuring a new-generation post-treatment system, an Adblue quality sensor and six injectors instead of seven, these models can achieve up to 3% reduction in fuel consumption. The trucks also use a predictive speed regulator to optimise gear changes and Eco Cruise control to use less fuel.

Meanwhile, Renault Truck’s Range D have been fitted with new engine software, redesigned auxiliaries, oil cooling system and a low-flow water pump. These changes, together with optimised aerodynamics means these trucks deliver up to 7% reduction in fuel consumption.

Truck manufacturers still have some time to get their trucks compliant – let’s see what they come up with.

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