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Report: HGV diesel sales should be banned from 2040

Report: HGV diesel sales should be banned from 2040

The sale of new diesel HGVs should be banned from 2040, says a new report looking at the future of freight transportation.

The report from the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) found that the UK’s freight system makes a significant contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. It’s a situation that is repeated in many countries around the world.

The NIC suggested a short-term shift to rail and sea freight, but admitted this wouldn’t lead to full decarbonisation. The answer, according to the report, is switching to alternative fuels.

If road freight is to be decarbonised by 2050, then the sale of new diesel HGVs needs to stop by 2040.

Road freight is, of course, just one contributor to the issue of carbon emissions – there are many more.

But even if the logistics sector is willing to make the switch away from carbon-based fuels, it needs the right infrastructure in place. Businesses rely on the support of the logistics sector and governments need to take action to make the necessary investments.

After all, operators can’t magic new vehicles and vehicle charging points out of thin air.

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  1. What a load of crap! Here you go for figures the uk road traffic uses 81 Million litres of diesel per day ,a large commercial ship uses around 363,687 litres per day. So 222 ships burn the same amount of diesel per day than is used on the uk roads . An average of 500 commercial ships are operating in just the English channel every day thats over double the diesel used on uk roads and thats that’s not including smaller shipping etc or air traffic so why are we making the average John in the street change millions of vehicles when 500 ships would do twice the good?


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