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Results: Which UK truck company is the best and why?

Results: Which UK truck company is the best and why?

Long since the birth of the trucking industry, working conditions, the type and comfort of trucks available and suitable working hours have been hotly debated topics. Truckers should feel their value within a company and be rewarded for their efforts accordingly. A fairly simple thought process? Possibly not…

We asked the question, ‘Which UK truck company is the best and why?’ in an online poll, gaining over 200 responses.

The results were as follows:

Royal Mail: 56.7%

Stobart Group: 9.5%

None: 9.5%

XPO Logistics: 4.5%

DHL: 3.5%

UPS: 3.5%

The remaining votes were distributed among other companies such as Gist, ARGO Merchants, DPD, Stan Robinson, Salvatori, Maritime Transport LTD, Welch’s, Hovis, CWM Transport, Surefreight, Brit European Transport, TBL, Menzies, GE Smith, Aldi, Waberer’s, Wincanton and Gold Star Transport.

So, Royal Mail took the top spot.  It seems that what our voters liked about Royal Mail is the ‘stress free environment’ and the fact the company offers ‘the best safety and pay’.  This aligns with other comments around some of the other voted trucking companies, demonstrating that pay and safety are top priorities among tuckers.

And so they should be. But it seems based on our voters’ comments, this isn’t always the case. Highlighted was the fact that Eastern European truck drivers will work for less, meaning it drives pay down among certain truck companies.  However, in other organisations, respondents blamed middle-aged Brits who ‘can’t be bothered to look for anything else’ for limiting opportunities and keeping pay at a similar level.

Other key comments suggest that UPS offers bonuses, higher hourly rates and better meal allowances than its counterparts. While another factor of Royal Mail winning the vote was the company ‘leaves you alone with no calls and no stress’.  Again, all factors influencing the happiness of a trucker.

With such a large proportion of the vote listed as ‘none’, is the amount of ‘good’ trucking companies in the UK really that limited? One respondent said this about our question: ‘That’s like asking if you would prefer to get stabbed by a knife, a blade or a sword!’  

It seems the debate hasn’t ended here.  What else do you think affects your working conditions? How do you think trucking companies can change to make a difference to your employment? Congrats to Royal Mail, but it seems that work is still to be done to see a level of consistency across the UK trucking industry.

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