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Rise in number of drivers targeted by scammers

Rise in number of drivers targeted by scammers

The number of drivers being targeted by scammers is rising. Between July and September 2020, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) saw a 603% increase in reported scams compared to the same three months in 2019.

The DVLA are receiving reports of a growing number of fraudulent emails, texts and phone calls. These scams are requesting information from drivers – from verifying their driving licence details to asking for bank details because of unpaid vehicle tax.

The DVLA is hoping to raise awareness of these scams to prevent people falling for them. To help people identify these scams, the DVLA has published images of the most commonly reported fraudulent messages.

Drivers are being reminded that the DVLA never asks for bank details via email and never contacts drivers about tax refunds by text message. It has also reminded drivers never to share images of their driving licence or vehicle documents online, never to share bank or personal details and never to use websites claiming to connect them to the DVLA’s contact centre.

Drivers are also being urged to only access information about the DVLA via the government website.

Speaking about this rise in motorist-targeted scams, Phil Morgan, head of fraud policy investigation at the DVLA, stated: “These new figures demonstrate that scammers are becoming more persistent in their efforts to target motorists.

“These more recent scams may, at first, seem legitimate, however they are designed to trick motorists into providing their personal details. We never ask for bank or credit card details via text message or email, so if you receive something like this, it’s a scam.”

If you receive any suspicious-looking message, you should report it to the National Cyber Security Centre. If you believe you have been a victim of fraud, you should contact the police via Action Fraud.

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