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Risk of fatal injury high in transport sector

The government has revealed its plans to tackle the HGV driver crisis by recruiting 5,000 lorry drivers from Europe.

New data has revealed the transport sector has an injury rate far higher than the average in other sectors.

The figures, published by the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE), show that the average rate of non-fatal injuries in road haulage between 2012/13 and 2019/20 was 2.7%. By comparison, the average across all industries was 1.9%.

Looking at the transport and storage sector as a whole (including warehousing, courier work, freight air transport, and port-related activity), there were 11 fatal injuries in 2019/20. This is broadly in line with the average of 14 in these sectors since 2015/16.

Over the course of these five years, the main causes of workplace deaths within the sector include being hit by a moving vehicle (35%); falling from a height (22%), and being struck by a moving or falling object (13%).

The HSE data also shows that ill-health among road haulage workers is an issue. Since 2012, 2.7% have suffered musculoskeletal disorders, stress, anxiety or depression. However, this is lower than the yearly average across all industries (3.2%).

Meanwhile, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), found that heavy goods truck drivers in the US reported the second most days away from work among all occupations last year. Days off were due to injury or illness. According to the BLS fatal occupational injuries report, trucking jobs are among the most dangerous out there.

Sarah Newton, HSE chair said: “The Covid pandemic has focused attention on the health and safety issues people face in the workplace.”

She continued by saying more needed to be done to make workplaces healthier, safer and Covid secure.

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