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Robust Mercedes-Benz Arocs tippers dig in with Barrachander Quarry

Robust Mercedes-Benz Arocs tippers dig in with Barrachander Quarry

The rugged reliability of 8×4 Mercedes-Benz Arocs tippers so impressed Barrachander Quarry boss Calum McCrae that he has invested in two more.

The customer-focused backup from Western Commercial also helped to sway the deal for the Argyll-based operator.

The new trucks are both 3240K variants with 10.7-litre ‘straight-six’ engines producing 394 HP with the power delivered using an efficient 12-speed PowerShift 3 automated manual transmissions.

They come complete with ClassicSpace M-cabs and have been pre-built with steel Boweld bodies from the Mercedes WorkReady programme.

They’ve also been fitted with Kelsa light bars and within a month of placing the order, the new trucks were delivered.

Latest Mercedes trucks

The firm’s latest Mercedes trucks don’t use conventional mirrors and instead use the innovative MirrorCam technology and there’s a new multimedia cockpit with intuitive and stylish twin screens.

The Mercedes-Benz Arocs tippers are also fuel-efficient.

Mr McRae says: “It’s difficult to be precise, given the nature of the work, but I reckon we’re saving 20% on our diesel bills.

“That will make a very welcome contribution to our ‘bottom line’.”

The firm was established in the mid-1970s by Mr McRae’s parents Linda and Alistair.

Delivers a range of services

The firm A&L McCrae is based in Whitehouse and delivers a range of services including heavy haulage, plant hire, contracting and aggregate supply.

The McRae family bought Barrachander Quarry 10 years ago and it is 50 miles north at Taynuilt.

When they took over, the quarry had just one customer but now the customer base includes local authorities, commercial and housing developers, civil engineering companies, farm developers and utilities and Marine contractors.

The seven trucks in the fleet carry basalt which is used for a range of purposes in civil engineering including road repairs and building.

Maintain its Mercedes-Benz Arocs tippers in-house

Now, the family firm is looking to maintain its Mercedes-Benz Arocs tippers in-house with backup from Western commercial.

They’ve also taken up Mercedes ExtendPlus warranties which sees the first year of comprehensive cover remaining in place for another three years.

Mr McRae said: “We’ve enjoyed close support from the manufacturer as well as our local dealer. This has given us the confidence that has underpinned our recent decision to purchase the new trucks.”

He added: “Both the drivers are raving about their new Arocs, and the same is true of their colleague, who’s in the ex-demonstrator. They all love the fact that MirrorCam eliminates a big blind spot and allows them to see so much more, while the trucks are so comfortable, and the Multimedia Cockpit is so easy to us.”

Mr McRae points out: “We’ve had very few issues with the Arocs we’ve been running for the last three years – tyres and diesel apart, we’ve spent virtually nothing to keep it on the road. Other brands of truck have definitely cost us more money.”

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