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‘Route to Zero’ campaign launched for hauliers

‘Route to Zero’ campaign launched for hauliers

A business group with 18,000 members, including hauliers, is launching a campaign to help the UK achieve its net zero carbon plan by 2050.

The plan has been unveiled by Logistics UK and comes after plans to end the sale of new diesel HGVs by 2040 were unveiled by the government.

That move is part of its national transport decarbonisation plan which has been criticised by haulage groups.

Now, Logistics UK says its members are being encouraged to decarbonise their operations as effectively and as quickly as possible in a bid to help achieve the government’s 2050 deadline.

‘Route to Zero’

A policy manifesto by Logistics UK will be unveiled in November, but the organisation wants its members to work with it to achieve what it calls the ‘Route to Zero’.

The organisation’s head of public policy, Michelle Gardner, said: “Logistics UK and its members understand the urgency of the climate crisis and are working hard to decarbonise logistics operations.

“We are pleased to launch this campaign to support and encourage the industry’s journey to Net Zero.”

She added: “A key component of this campaign’s success will be getting the right support from the government.”

“Logistics UK will be working in partnership with its members and government to help ensure the right policies, infrastructure, power supply, funding and vehicle markets are in place to realise the logistics industry’s Net Zero ambition.”

Represents logistics businesses

Logistics UK is one of the premier business groups in the country and represents logistics businesses that are vital to keeping the UK trading.

Its membership covers more than 7 million people who are directly employed in the making, moving and selling of goods.

For more information and to get involved, visit the Logistics UK website.

DVSA will provide an essential update

Meanwhile, Logistics UK has revealed that the DVSA will provide an update on essential enforcement at their upcoming Fleet Engineer Conference.

The update will explain the approach of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) on modern fleet maintenance.

They say that this one-day event is not to be missed for those who are responsible for specifying commercial vehicles, and also ensuring compliance and roadworthiness as well as maintaining vehicle fleets.

The event takes place on 7 September 2021 at the British Motor Museum in Warwickshire.

Along with the DVSA update, there will also be sessions on future vehicle design, good practice, maintenance legislation changes and developments in commercial vehicle technology.

The event’s keynote speaker is the Traffic Commissioner for the West of England, Kevin Rooney, and there will be senior Iveco and Volvo representatives speaking too.

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