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Sat navs getting the brunt of drivers’ frustrations

Sat navs getting the brunt of drivers’ frustrations

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Are you a sat nav user or do you still use the good, old-fashioned map? If you want a more stress-free life, you’re better off sticking with the trusty paper map, new research suggests.

Almost a quarter of drivers admit to having blazing ‘rows’ with their sat navs. In a survey of 1,000 drivers, 23% said they regularly find themselves shouting at their mapping device after it has taken them in the wrong direction.

As an HGV driver, being sent in the wrong direction by the sat nav comes with risks – you could end up getting your vehicle stuck down a narrow lane or being faced with a low bridge.

Obviously, you can buy navigation systems specifically for HGVs these days, but their reliability can leave something to be desired.

Somewhat surprisingly, the poll by Europcar UK found that 40% of drivers said they still preferred to use the old-fashioned maps instead of a sat nav. But, that might not be a bad thing with more harmonious roads in mind.

Do you have a sat-nav fail story to tell? Let us know below.

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