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How to save money from dashcam insurance for your vehicle?

dashcam insurance for fleets

Dashcams are built-in, convenient tools which have many advantages. Regarding dashcam insurance for vehicles, they can actively help strengthen the claim if the driver goes through a road accident.

All the leading insurers (some even offer 20% annual discount for using dash cam) in the UK have made dashcam footage legally accepted as a piece of evidence to be used when it’s time to claim.

This article explains the benefits of using a dashcam, how dashcam insurance for your vehicle can be claimed and whether you can lower your dashcam insurance premiums.

A dashcam is an in-vehicle dashboard camera utilised to document your journey using audio and video. Providing a front view and sometimes a rare view of your vehicle, dash cams are getting increasingly affordable due to their rising popularity among drivers.

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How should I lower dashcam insurance for my vehicle?

dashcam insurance for fleet

It’s safe to say that dashcams help lower your vehicle insurance rates. Although savings can’t be promised directly to the driver as some manufacturers do not offer a direct dashcam discount.

Whereas you can benefit from fitting a dashcam in your vehicle through your vehicle insurance, as dashcams can become extremely helpful for recording videos to provide substantiating evidence for your vehicle’s insurance claims.

How to benefit from dashcam insurance for my vehicle?

A dashboard camera saves the recorded videos on a micro SD card. The footage on the card can be provided as vital evidence for your vehicle insurance company rather than relying only upon those who’ve witnessed the accident.

The recorded videos mean everything, so it’s important that they are fitted at the appropriate angle to see an overall road view. It’s suggested to mount the dashcam in your fleet with the help of a professional, so you don’t have to worry if anything goes wrong.

As a matter of fact, you are tackling the possible future evidence for your claims by expecting a need to prove your case. Incidents such as getting hit by a texting driver or an unwarranted citation from your local authority can happen. You can show the recorded videos through various national dashcam safety protocols in the UK.

Can I get a dashcam insurance discount for my vehicle?

Although insurance companies rarely offer discounts for dashcams, they can still benefit you financially. Firstly, you can reduce your dashcam insurance rates by providing valid evidence without being at fault for partaking in the accident.

Secondly, you can benefit from initial savings on your insurance, especially for young drivers. For instance, Nexbase offers up to 30% with high premiums, which is a considerable amount.

Here’s how dashcams help reduce your insurance premiums

A dashcam should be fitted properly before getting examined by the insurance company.

After insurance companies examine the dashcam footage & directly establish the liability of fault, it’s the driver’s priority to be an independent witness to resolve the conflict.

Consider this scenario: A driver tries to hit you on purpose with the intention of making a claim against you. Such ‘crash for cash‘ scams can add £50 to everyone’s premium.

As a result, a total cost of £392 million can be charged. So as a dashcam owner, beware of such fraud and use the dashcam as an independent witness to prove what transpired.

Until then, drive safe & be responsible.

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