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Sexy number plates row

Sexy number plates row

A new number plate has got some road users a bit hot under the collar.

The saucy BJ69 number plate was released in the UK in September 2019 but was quickly branded inappropriate by some drivers.

Despite the complaints, the DVLA has said it will not remove the new number plate from service. The number plate could appear on new vehicles built between now and March next year. Great news for all the lorry spotters out there!

There are several examples of number plates that have spelled out inappropriate messages over the years, but only a few have been deemed too rude or unacceptable for the road. Plates that have been banned include BE19 and DO19 POO. And any number plates ending in SEX, BUM, ASS cannot be used on vehicles.

Other naughty number plates can be worth a lot of money. ORG4SM is believed to be worth £15,000, PEN I55S worth £7,990, and SHA66R worth £4,490.

What’s the best number plate you’ve seen?

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