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Six must-have apps for truckers

Six must-have apps for truckers

Oh, the highs and lows of technology. One minute it’s threatening to steal your job from you, the next it’s offering up the most useful information and connections for life on the open road.

Where would today’s trucker be without his or her smartphone? 95% of truck drivers have one, using them to navigate routes, stay healthy, keep in touch, and make the job of a truck driver that little bit easier.

Here are some of the best apps out there.

Trucker Timer

Designed to help truckers track their driving hours and avoid tiredness violations. Thanks to the app’s advanced driving log and tachograph you stay safe, well-rested – and avoid a fine.


With real-time help from other drivers, truckers (and drivers in general) can map the best route, to save time and fuel. Think of it as a personal heads-up about accidents, hazards, congestion and police presence.


NavTruck is a GPS navigation app specifically geared to truck drivers. Unlike other navigation apps, it takes into account roads with truck-restrictions and automatically calculates routes based on vehicle size, weight and type of load.


If you’re easily distracted, you’re not alone. FleetSafer identifies when you are driving and puts your device into safe mode, preventing calls, texts and emails coming through. Full functionality is restored once the vehicle stops moving.

Lose it! Calorie counter

A good option for anyone trying to control their weight. Set goals, track what you’re eating and how much exercise you’re getting. You’ll receive a personalised daily calorie budget and weight loss plan to get you started.

Audiobooks for Audible

Covering books from just about every genre, you can listen to some gripping tales and stay alert. Ideal for long periods behind the wheel.

There are plenty more that we’ve missed off the list. What apps do you use?

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