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Small gesture goes a long way for one trucker

Small gesture goes a long way for one trucker

We’ve mentioned a few times over the past few weeks how truckers are going underappreciated as they continue to work during the coronavirus crisis. We’ve even launched our #LoveLogistics campaign which aims to put that right.

But not everyone is oblivious to the good work being undertaken by the “heroes of the highway”.

Lorry driver David Crossley was on the UK’s M180 motorway when he noticed an elderly woman clapping from a bridge. It might only have been a small gesture, but he said it “made it all worthwhile”.

Determined to return the thank you, David posted a message on a local Facebook page in the hope that someone knew the lady.

To his surprise, responded with the following message: “It’s my grandma Eva Bowers, she’s 91. She lives just down the road from the bridge and likes to go and wave as she can’t see any friends or family.”

After exchanging details, David arranged for flowers to be delivered to Eva’s house.

The pair were then brought together on a local radio station, where they had the chance to finally speak to one another.

Eva explained why she clapped the lorry drivers, saying: “I’m getting fresh air and I’m giving joy to someone as they go past. They hoot, they wave and it just makes my day.”

David, who hasn’t been home to see his family for weeks due to the crisis, told Eva just why he had been so moved by the gesture: “I had seen you up there and I’m very close to my gran. I haven’t been home for a while; I can’t risk it with everything going on.

“Seeing you up there made me feel that what I’m doing is worth all the time away.”

There are other examples of the public showing truckers their appreciation, too. Long may it continue. With our #LoveLogisitcs campaign, we want to show the respect and support these essential workers deserve, not only during these difficult times, but always.  

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