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Speed Awareness Course: Cost and Procedure

speed awareness course

Read this guide to prevent getting points on your driver’s licence and save the day by taking the speed awareness course.

Due to the ever-increasing speed cameras, most drivers are breaking the record of keeping a clean driver’s licence. Whether it’s a short leap in concentration while driving on the roads, the points might take a toll on your licence regardless of such a minor offence. Read further to find out if you are eligible for a speed awareness course which is nothing but an awareness of the potential dangers caused by breaking the speed limit.

You can also learn about the speed cameras in the UK to stay aware and prevent unwanted charges.

Am I eligible for the speed awareness course?

If you break the speed limit or are caught speeding on the roads, you’ll receive a letter to inform you about the possible consequences. The letter will advent your side by offering you three options.

  1. Pay the fine and take the points.
  2. Settle the matter in court.
  3. Take a speed awareness course with reduced penalty charges and zero offence points.

The best decision to make is to choose the third option if you break the speed in the limit between 10% plus two mph—up to 10% plus nine mph & so on.

Speed LimitAbove Limit for Speed Awareness Course Eligibility
30mph35mph – 42mph
40mph46mph – 53mph
50mph57mph – 64mph
60mph68mph – 75mph
70mph79mph – 86mph

How often can I take the speed awareness course?

Now, you can apply for a speed awareness course once every three years, which means that if you commit another speeding offence in that period, you will be automatically charged with a fine and points on your licence.

Unfortunately, not every driver is offered to take the speed awareness course partly because there are limited police officers who subscribe to such practice.

What is the cost of the speed awareness test?

Different police forces use different types of organisations to provide the speed awareness course, and each of them charges a different amount, The typical cost of the speed awareness test is around £100.

The estimated cost for taking the speed awareness course can vary between different organisations. Though typically, it can cost you around £100, which is equivalent to the standard fixed penalty notice but with the advantage of zero licence points. Providers can also let the driver pay the cost in instalments.

You can also book the speed awareness course which Uk’s police force has offered, or you can click here to book an online virtual course regardless of your location or choose a course provider to help you book online.

The below list will help you find the course providers with estimated costs required to pay according to the force area. Please note: the prices shown below are subject to change and should not be considered before contacting the provider.

Task Force AreaCourse ProviderCourse Fee Booking Telephone
AVON AND SOMERSETTTC£87.990330 024 1805
BEDFORDSHIREDriveTech£88.990344 264 6323
CUMBRIATTC£87.990330 024 1805
CAMBRIDGESHIREDriveTech£88.990344 264 6323
CLEVELANDHartlepool Borough Council£72.9901429 523 803
CHESHIRECheshire£84.9901606 363 700
DEVON AND CORNWALLTTC£87.990330 024 1805
DERBYSHIREDriveTech£88.990344 264 6323
DYFED-POWYSDyfed-Powys£91.9901267 226 479
DURHAMHartlepool Borough Council£72.9901429 523 803
ESSEXSafer Essex Roads Partnership£98.9901277 636 675
GWENTTTC£87.990330 024 1805
GLOUCESTERSHIREDriver Education Gloucestershire£84.9901452 754 562
HUMBERSIDESafer Roads Humber£94.9901482 399 065
HERTFORDSHIREHertfordshire County Council£89.990300 123 4035
HAMPSHIREHampshire Police£84.990238 047 8700
KENT COUNTYKent County Council£91.9903000 418282
LINCOLNSHIRELincolnshire County Council£89.9901522 782 068
LEICESTERSHIRELeicestershire County Council£90.990116 305 8787
LANCASHIRELancashire£86.9901772 410 950
LONDONDriveTech£92.990344 264 6323
MERSEYSIDEDriveTech£78.990344 264 6323
MANCHESTERDriveSafe£98.990300 123 1518
NOTTINGHAMSHIREDriveTech£88.990344 264 6323
NORTHUMBRIADriveTech£88.990344 264 6323
NORTH YORKSHIRETTC£87.990330 024 1805
NORTHERN IRELANDDriveTech£83.990344 264 6323
NORTHAMPTONSHIRETTC£87.990330 024 1805
NORTH WALESTTC£87.990330 024 1805
NORFOLKNorfolk County Council£89.9901603 638 136
SOUTH YORKSHIRETTC£87.990330 024 1805
SOUTH WALESTTC£87.990330 024 1805
WEST YORKSHIRETTC£87.990330 024 1805
SUSSEXWest Sussex County Council£89.990330 222 8999
SURREYDriveTech£88.990344 264 6323
SUFFOLKSuffolk County Council£98.990345 606 6043
THAMES VALLEYDriveTech£88.990344 264 6323
WARWICKSHIREWarwickshire County Council£82.9901926 412 990
WEST MERCIATTC£87.990330 024 1805
STAFFORDSHIREStaffordshire County Council£84.990300 111 8012
WEST MIDLANDSTTC£87.990330 024 1805
WILTSHIRETTC£87.990330 024 1805

Can a speed awareness course affect your vehicle / HGV insurance?

A short answer to such a question is yes. While the offence convictions must be proclaimed in your insurance company records, it’s up to your insurer to ask whether you’ve taken a speed awareness course. Although many online comparison sites may not require this information, if you do get asked while taking out the cover, your answers should be honest and truthful or else you’ll risk invalidating your policy.

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