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Speed limiters could soon be mandatory for all vehicles

Speed limiters could soon be mandatory for all vehicles

Trucks are fitted with speed limiters to make the roads safer, so why not other vehicles as well?

This is a view shared by many truck drivers across Europe, and has finally made its way to the European Parliament.

The Parliament has voted in favour of speed restrictors being fitted in all new cars by 2022. These devices would physically prevent drivers from speeding – and would mark a significant step forward in road safety.

According to the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), these Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) devices, would reduce collisions by 30% and save around 25,000 lives in 15 years.

The limiters use a speed sign-recognition camera and/or GPS-linked speed limit data to advise drivers of the current speed limit and limit engine power (and the speed of the vehicle).

As well as saving lives, speed limiters are also better for the environment as they reduce carbon emissions.

It’s about time all vehicles had their speed restricted. Roll on 2022…

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