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Spotlight on women in trucking

Spotlight on women in trucking

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Historically, trucking has been a male-dominated industry, but plenty of women have found success and are making a positive impact across the industry.

To highlight this, have profiled nine women achievers working at trucking companies or in the trucking and transportation industries.

The Women in Trucking initiative kicked off three years ago, and the publisher says it has no trouble finding a range of female fleet owners, executives, drivers, and more to take part.

Pinning down the exact number of women working in the industry is no mean feat. According to data from the European Commission, 22% of transport workers are women. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests women make up about 20% of transportation, storage, and distribution managers.

We all like to hear stories and anecdotes about life on the road; women’s stories have an additional layer of interest. Unlike their male counterparts, women have often faced stereotyping and have had to overcome challenges of working in a male-dominated environment.

The overriding message from these stories is that these women are where they are today through grit, determination and a lot of hard work. In return, it’s only fair they get the same respect and salary as men.

You can read all the profiles here.

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