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Starsky Robotics beat others in autonomous vehicle race

Starsky Robotics beat others in autonomous vehicle race

A little-known trucking start-up has beaten Tesla and Waymo in the race to run driverless trucks on the open road.

In June, Starsky Robotics, the US-based start-up, began operating truly driverless trucks in Florida.

Is this really news? After all, there are plenty of autonomous trucks on the road already. But these trucks usually have either two drivers or a driver and an engineer in the cab.

The difference is that the Starsky Robotics trucks have no humans in the vehicle. Instead, there is a driver remotely operating the vehicle up to 500 miles away.

Stefan Seltz-Axmacher, CEO and cofounder of Starksy Robotics stresses that the company is trying to find a solution to the ongoing trucker shortage.

He argues that moving the role from a job on the road to an eight-hour office-based job could be just what the industry needs.

Is he right?

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