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Staying healthy as a truck driver

Staying healthy as a truck driver

Staying healthy. It sounds so easy. All you need to do is eat well, drink lots of water, so more and stay active.

Aah, if it only it was that simple for everyone.

Truck drivers in particular often find they have a real challenge to follow this advice. Sitting in a cab for hours at a time doesn’t always equate to a regime of healthy snacking and regular exercise. But the good news is that while it can be hard for truckers, it’s not impossible.

Here are four tips on staying healthy behind the wheel.

1 Think about what you eat

If you think your diet could be better, don’t make too many radical changes too soon. Those good intentions won’t last long. Instead, introduce a few smaller changes more gradually. For example, if you like to snack on crisps and chocolate, you could try snacking on nuts and healthier natural cocoa bars instead.

Ideally the nuts won’t be roasted and salted and you’ll limit the amount of cocoa bars you eat, but we’ve all gotta start somewhere. It’s important not to beat yourself up if you have the odd lapse on a particularly long journey.

Once you’ve made changes to what you eat as snacks you can then expand your healthy food choices to meals as well.

2 Think about how you eat

According to many experts, the number one rule when eating food is to eat slowly. The more your chew each mouthful before swallowing it, the fuller you will feel by the end of your meal (so avoiding that nagging feeling of wanting something sweet to finish).

Experts suggest chewing each mouthful 32 times (I’m being serious!). Some food will take far less chews (I’m guessing watermelon), others may need more (steak, for sure).

It’s a habit you’ll have to get into and it might not come naturally, but the benefits are clear. Chewing helps the process of digestion, helps the absorption of nutrients, and boosts your overall health.

3 Think about what you drink

Coffee can feel like a must on long journeys. The same can be said for a nice cup of tea. But keeping the number of teas and coffees you drink over the course of one day can have a real benefit on your health.

By all means have the odd tea and coffee during the day, just don’t overdo it. And remember, the best thing you can drink is good old H2O. Go on, give it a go. You might even enjoy it!

4 Think about (and do) some exercise

The easiest way to exercise is walking or running. A 30-minute walk will burn 200-300 calories and give your metabolism a well-earned boost.

If you’d like to try a bit of weight training, dumbbells, kettlebells and resistance bands might be an option. Check out these trucker exercise ideas for life on the road.

Got any healthy trucking tips you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you. To be honest, we could do with all the help we can get…

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