Proposed amends to UK’s Highways Code divides opinion

The UK government is making plans to amend the Highway Code, the rules that govern British roads. Some of the changes include rules that prioritise cyclists and pedestrians over motorists.

Freight industry anger over pop-up cycle routes

Road haulage industry bodies have criticised Department for Transport plans to widen pavements and introduce pop-up cycle routes as lockdown is lifted. 

Drivers urged to watch their behaviour on the roads

a quarter (25%) of road users said car drivers and cyclists are behaving worse than before the outbreak.

Truckers take umbrage with extra cyclists on the road

Let’s talk cyclists for a minute. Some lorry drivers have reported they’re seeing more of them on the road right now as people look for ways to avoid public transport and get some exercise. But this in itself is causing a few safety problems.

Truckers and cyclists swap wheels

Motor company Ford has been encouraging truckers to swap wheels with cyclists as part of its ‘Share the Road’ campaign.

Dutch Reach makes its way across the pond

It might be par for the course in the Netherlands, but the Dutch Reach has now made its way to the US. In August this year, Governor Bruce Rauner signed into law legislation that adds the Dutch Reach strategy to Illinois’ Rules of the Road manual.

New law proposed for dangerous cyclists – about time?

The relationship between HGV drivers and cyclists on the road perhaps isn’t as healthy as it should be. There’s a general feeling among cyclists that drivers don’t always treat them with due care and attention, while drivers often believe cyclists are unaccountable for their actions.