What to do about fuel crime?

There were around 25,000 fuel thefts in the UK last year, totalling a loss of roughly £9 million.

New Volvo FH to cut fuel costs by 7%

For anyone regularly racking up the miles, vehicle fuel efficiency must be a consideration. Which is why Volvo Trucks is launching Volvo FH with I-Save as a way to offer its customers greater efficiency....

The future of logistics: what happened at Freight in the City 2018

[icegram campaigns=”951″] Climate issues are among the major challenges in our times. As we know, this problem does not affect only sectors such as the agriculture one or the environment one, but also the logistic sector. That is why transport companies always look for new and better ways to reduce the proportion of the emissions and improve air quality.

Diesel prices continue to rise

Europe has seen significant hikes in fuel prices for some time, with prices now at their highest for three years.