driverless vehicles

Study: UK drivers not ready for autonomous vehicles

New research has revealed that two thirds of people do not feel ready to share the roads with driverless vehicles.

Top 5 trends changing trucking forever (and that includes humans)

According to a survey by Supply Chain Management World, 64% of executives believe that the insights being gleaned from big data can change the trucking industry forever.

Are McKinsey’s predictions a bit optimistic?

At the end of last year, McKinsey painted a pretty rosy picture of autonomous trucking. The report set out the consulting firm’s forecast for the future of autonomous truck development, and its cost implications.

10-year countdown to autonomous trucks?

New research has revealed that 76% of transport companies think autonomous trucks will be a viable option within the next decade.

Europe leading the way in autonomous vehicles

According to MEPs in the European Parliament’s transport committee, the EU should be moving forward with driverless vehicle technology to avoid being left behind by the US and China.

Driverless trucks to change not replace jobs

How do you like the idea of leading a convoy of driverless trucks to their destination? That’s where the industry could be heading, if you believe the experts.

Say ‘no’ to driverless trucks and drones

Silicon Valley may strongly believe that drones and self-driving trucks are set to transform the way goods are transported, but those in the trucking industry disagree. Passionately so.

Autonomous trucks? Not so fast, says Daimler…

The world’s largest truck manufacturer, Daimler Trucks, has said Silicon Valley needs to slow down and lower expectations of self-driving lorries.

Remote-control trucking

On first glance, the autonomous vehicle industry seems set on taking control away from humans, but that’s not the full story.

Driverless trucks are coming your way, in conveys of three

It won’t be long before we see ‘driverless’ HGVs traveling in conveys of three, known as ‘platoons’. The speed of all three will be controlled by the lead vehicle, which will (I am pleased to say) be controlled by a human driver.