Just one person died on Oslo’s roads last year

Only one person died as a result of traffic accidents in Oslo in 2019.

Simple unloading hack revealed

A trucker has been videoed executing a rather unorthodox – but highly effective – way of unloading items from the back of his trailer.

Driver so drunk he fell from his cab onto motorway

A Polish truck driver was so drunk while driving he fell out of the cab onto the motorway.

Did I hit something?

A truck in Spain has been caught on camera driving with a car wedged under its cab.

Cattle truck becomes vehicle for animal liberation

We’ve all seen some strange things on the road, but a herd of cows making a run for it?

When did the truck become a tool of crime?

When the news broke last year that 39 people had been found dead in the back of a refrigerated trailer in the UK, there was an overwhelming feeling of revulsion, not least amongst the road transport industry.

Strangest driving laws from around the world

Getting to grips with driving laws in other countries can be hard at the best of times.

3 driving laws to know about

As someone who drives a vehicle for a living, you’ll know how often road legislation can change.

4 reasons driver turnover is so high

Driver retention has long been a problem for the trucking industry.

Drivers not offered eye care by employers

New research has revealed that just 38% of employers currently offer eye care to drivers.

4 benefits of having your pet on the road

Did you see the story about a trucker being reunited with his feline travelling companion, after five months of being apart?

Truck driver gets takeaway delivered through cab window

What happens when you need to eat, but aren’t able to stop?