Walkaround checks being ignored by HGV drivers

New research suggests that the majority of HGV drivers are failing to carry out walkaround checks of their vehicle before getting behind the wheel.

5 facts about a career in trucking

Whether you’re starting a career driving a truck or sitting in an office, sometimes the expectation doesn’t quite match the reality. It’s not ideal, but that’s life.  However, the more prepared you are about the reality of what to expect from a job in the trucking industry, the less of a shock it will be. If you’re starting out in trucking, here’s my tips on what to expect from your career. 1 You’re going to get stressed There’s no getting away from this one – working as a truck driver can be stressful. Not all of the time, but some of the time. Heavy traffic, meeting deadlines, getting lost, reversing into a space that clearly isn’t big enough for a truck… These are all things that come with the job – and all stressful things you have to deal with as best you can.  When you’re in trucking...[Read More]

Highway Code changes shift legal liability to truck drivers

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) has voiced ‘serious concerns’ over proposed changes to the UK’s Highway Code saying it’s a frightening and irresponsible policy. 

Where are Europe’s safest roads?

Data published by the European Commission estimate that road fatalities in 2019 dropped by 23% compared to 2010.

Proposed amends to UK’s Highways Code divides opinion

The UK government is making plans to amend the Highway Code, the rules that govern British roads. Some of the changes include rules that prioritise cyclists and pedestrians over motorists.

How truck drivers can reduce back pain

Truckers are four times more likely to suffer from back pain than your average person. Unfortunately, it’s something that comes with the job.

Want to quit smoking? 4 tips to help you stop for good

If you drive a truck and want to quit smoking, here are four tips to help give up and keep stress levels to a minimum.

US Tiger Truck Stop becomes animal-free zone

Long before the crazy world of Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin hit our screens, there was another tiger king at large in the US.

Safer roads mean retaining experienced truck drivers

According to the study, experience has a bigger impact on safety than age.

Unsecured loads create perilous problem on our roads

Between June 2019 and April 2020, 9,576 incidents of building or construction items blocking roads were reported.

Truck tyres must be less than ten years old

Tyres that are more than ten years old are to be banned from trucks, buses and coaches in the UK with the aim to boost road safety.

Calls for better road safety after runaway tyre incident

A runaway tyre that smashed into a truck on the UK’s M42 has prompted calls for better road safety.