Two-thirds of drivers know when they are over the limit

Recent research reveals that nearly two-thirds of drivers claim they know when they are over the limit.

Unexpected fireworks display

There’s not much cause to celebrate in the event of a traffic accident.

The most dangerous songs to drive to

Some songs are more dangerous to listen to behind the wheel than others.

Sexy number plates row

A new number plate has got some road users a bit hot under the collar.

Can InstaFreight offer road freight something different?

The road freight industry has a lack of digitisation across large parts of the market and this is leading to fragmentation and low visibility into operations.

UK’s most haunted roads

Some people love to hear tales of the supernatural.

What causes road rage? And how to control it

Driving can be bloody awful.

5 facts about trucking

Trucks are the lifeblood of our existence – they get food on shelves, petrol to pumps, and building materials to construction sites.

6 road rules we should all adopt

As you travel around Europe you quickly realise driving regulations differ from one country to the next.

7 winter trucking safety tips

Driving a truck in winter requires a specific set of skills – and the bigger the truck, the greater the skill required to drive it. 

Banksy truck fails to sell at auction

Most of the time, people can’t get enough of Banksy’s work, but a 17-tonne lorry spray painted by the artist has failed to sell at auction.

Belgian police find 12 people ‘safe and well’ in lorry

A week after UK police launched a murder investigation into the death of 39 people, Belgian police say they have found 12 people “safe and well” in a refrigerated lorry.

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