How to Drive on Ice – 10 Rules Before Driving on Icy Conditions

Learning how to drive on ice, especially in the snowfall season in the UK, is the most asked query on the internet when it comes to drivers driving in such harsh weather conditions. You might think it’d be fun to move and glide across the ice at speed but, it’s not fun when you are driving on a slippery surface, especially on black ice, as one can quickly lose the grip and risk a fatal accident. Driving in snow or ice is similar at some point as in both situations, a driver needs to avoid any sudden accelerations and pursue a calm and slow ride to maintain the grip on the road. However, there are some additional precautions you will need to consider while learning how to drive on ice. General Precautions One of the efficient ways to spot the difference between snow and ice is t...[Read More]

10,000 drivers caught tailgating

To anyone who spends time behind the wheel, it’s no surprise to learn that tailgating is a common occurrence. New cameras are being trialled in the UK to catch drivers who tailgate. In the first two weeks of the pilot scheme, the cameras caught around 10,000 drivers committing the offence. A joint effort by the police and Highways England, the scheme is being used to tackle tailgating, which is a factor in around one in eight casualties on England’s motorways and A-roads. In 2018, more than 130 people were killed or seriously injured as a result of people driving too close to the vehicle ahead. One video, captured by a camera in the back of a car, captures a truck driver tailgating through motorway roadworks. Soon, anyone caught driving too close to the vehicle ahead will be sent a letter ...[Read More]

Strange lorry road sign bewilders some drivers

It seems that not all signs need to appear in the Highway Code before they make it onto UK roads. A road sign that has been spotted on some of the UK’s routes has left some drivers scratching their heads about what it could mean. The rectangular sign shows an image of a satellite sitting above a lorry (with a diagonal red line through it) placed on a blue background.  The image was recently shared on social media along with the comment: “This one wasn’t in the Highway Code when I took my test. Anyone any ideas?” Plenty of people had a go at deciphering the sign, with suggestions ranging from potential alien invasion to a warning for HGV drivers. Unsurprisingly, the latter is closer to the truth. The sign is warning HGV drivers not to follow their sat navs down country lanes. Rural roads ca...[Read More]

Risk of fatal injury high in transport sector

New data has revealed the transport sector has an injury rate far higher than the average in other sectors.

4 trucking scams (and how to avoid them)

here’s a list of five trucking scams – and more importantly, how to avoid them…

Guide to the HGV road user levy

Every HGV driven in the UK is subject to the HGV road user levy.

Drivers want cameras to spot illegal phone use

A survey conducted for the RAC has revealed that 8% of drivers in the UK admit to taking part in video calls while behind the wheel.

Truck drivers ‘treated like second class citizens’

“We were being clapped along with NHS workers a few short weeks ago. People should remember if it wasn't for truckers there would be nothing on the shelves.”

What do trucking companies think of England’s roads?

A new survey has revealed that less than half of companies running trucks on England’s motorways and A-roads feel they meet their business needs.

£5 million of Apple products stolen in truck theft

Apple products worth a total of £5 million were stolen from an HGV in the UK.

‘Intelligent’ mapping service planned to create safer roads

Vehicle-mounted image recognition technology is being used on Britain’s roads to create ‘intelligent’ maps of roadside assets.

Men three times more likely to speed than women

When it comes to driving, there are all sorts of gender stereotypes. Women are safer drivers, men are better drivers, and young male drivers are more prone to breaking drink driving rules…