Honk if you’re… happy, mad or safety conscious

What do you think if you hear the sound of a truck’s horn?

10 trucking myths

Being a truck driver is far from simple. But it’s made even harder when the rumour mill is in overdrive and people start believing the myths they hear about the profession.

The young ones: why we need 18-year-old truckers

Forget the traditional stereotypes, today’s truckers come in all shapes, races, genders, and ages.

More women are getting behind the wheel

We all know what the stereotypical truck driver looks like, but as more women get behind the wheel, it’s time our perceptions changed.

10,000 beer bottles spill from truck onto road

A German truck driver spilt 10,000 bottles of beer while driving in the southwest of the country.

4 urban legends in the world of trucking

The average truck driver covers a lot of miles over the course of their career.

4 trucking YouTubers to watch

There’s nothing you can’t find on YouTube. Ever wondered if a slice of pizza will flush down the loo? There’s a YouTube video for that.

Anatomy of a truck tyre: what you need to know

Despite its traditional appearance, a truck tyre is so much more than just simply a circle of vulcanized rubber.

Are you a bad truck driver?

When was the last time you saw a fellow driver doing something really stupid behind the wheel? 

Look – no hands!

A lorry driver in the UK has been caught making an online payment on his mobile phone while driving his truck along a motorway.

The first year as a new lorry driver

In most jobs the first few years can be the hardest and for a truck driver this is no different. You have the challenge of getting used to the vehicle, getting used to customer requirements, and getting used to the truck driver lifestyle. Here are a few things to expect in your first year, and a few tips to keep you safe and on track for a great career in trucking. Hang in there and you’ll absolutely love the truck driving life! Realise it’s not going to be easy Driving a lorry can be the best job in the world. But it takes a little time to get used to. It’s normal to have a few small accidents in your first year, to run late a few times, to get lost in an area you don’t know, etc.  You also don’t earn an awful lot in the beginning. So it can sometimes feel like you’ve chosen the wrong pro...[Read More]

Who’s the best truck driver?

DAF Trucks wants to find the best truck driver in the world.

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