Off-the-shelf trucks from Mercedes

The WorkReady programme from Mercedes-Benz Trucks provides operators with off-the-shelf trucks at very short notice.

Where are the safest and most dangerous roads in Europe?

The European Commission has published its 2018 road safety statistics, and the news is better for drivers in some countries than others.

Police operation targets truckers

Police in the UK have been targeting HGV drivers, issuing hundreds of traffic offence reports as a result.

What happens when you look but don’t see?

There’s no end of distractions for anyone trying to drive a truck safely. Mobiles, GPSs, lane-change warnings – they can all take a driver’s attention away from the road.

The ideal trucker companion: a dog’s life on the road

With long journeys and even longer days, life as a trucker can feel lonely. If only you had someone to talk to… Enter your four-legged friend.

5 of the strangest roads you can drive on

The easiest way to get from A to B is in a straight line. But no one wants to drive in a straight line all the time? We’d all be falling asleep at the wheel. Besides, straight lines are not always possible. As a result, it’s up to the world’s engineers to calculate the most efficient way to get between two points, navigating the rivers...

If Alfa Romeo made trucks…

Alfa Romeo cars are things of beauty. The Italian car maker has a long history of producing some of the most stylish road and race cars around. But what if Alfa Romeo were to turn its hand to truck making?

Somewhere and nowhere road signs confusing drivers

Which way would you turn if you had the choice between turning right to ‘somewhere’ or left to ‘nowhere’? Villagers in a Somerset village in the UK are reportedly so fed up with drivers speeding along their quiet roads, they have changed the road signs to deter them.

Should the highway code be taught in schools?

Should pupils be taught the highway code as part of the school curriculum? It’s an interesting question, and it seems logical that such a move would improve knowledge among young drivers and make the roads safer.

Beware, dirty trucks ahead

Truckers have been warned that dirty trucks could cause safety risks. According to Australia’s National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, dirt on truck parts could mean dangerous flaws are missed during visual safety inspections.

Ban on 10-year-old tyres?

The UK government is considering banning trucks, buses, coaches and minibuses from using tyres that are more than ten years old. It plans to consult on legislation that would make it illegal for decade-old tyres to be used on larger vehicles. This announcement comes after persistent campaigning led by Frances Molloy, whose 18-year-old son Michael was among three people killed in 2012 when a coach crashed because its front tyres were 19 years old. In November last year, Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency guidance was amended to say tyres that are ten years or older should not be used on the front axles of HGVs, as well as buses and coaches. The UK’s Transport Research Laboratory has also been working with a leading laboratory in the US to conduct tyre testing and analysis. The results of t...[Read More]

7 ways to stay awake behind the wheel

Driving a truck often means long days and disjointed sleep schedules. It also means staying awake – or more importantly alert – for long stretches of time. It’s the only way to safe on the road. There are a number of things you can do to stay alert for longer. Here are seven for starters…   Avoid high contrast lights at night The greater the contrast between light and dark can mean the more tired your eyes feel. When the rest of your surroundings are pitch black, having a bright dashboard and headlights in front of you can wear you out. To avoid this, turn your dash lights down so they’re just bright enough to see the gauges and use soft lighting inside the cab. The other (really obvious) tip is not to look directly at oncoming headlights.   Stay cool When the temperature drops i...[Read More]

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