Unite claims lorry inspections are ‘vanishingly rare’

The union Unite says UK lorry inspections are 'vanishingly rare' and this raises serious safety concerns.

Driver’s Guide to Pass DVSA Hazard Perception Test

An Essential Guide to DVSA Hazard Perception Test. To improve your experience on the road & find potential hazards while driving the vehicle is something you can achieve over months which could be a slow process. The best drivers are the ones who continuously evaluate their path for situations that could result in an injury and put effort into minimizing the reaction time to avoid such accidents by adjusting their speed & position on the road. There are various driver training schemes or hazard perception tests to learn to focus on becoming the best driver by educating the potential dangers that roll along the journey. The UK government hazard perception test is a crucial part of road safety and becoming an excellent driver. Therefore, the digital hazard perception test has become ...[Read More]

New HGV drivers go straight to artic test

New HGV drivers will, the DVSA says, now be allowed to go straight to their artic test.

DVSA recruits more HGV driving examiners

The DVSA has unveiled plans to recruit more examiners for HGV driving tests to help deal with the current lorry driver shortage.

Logistics UK urges government to introduce temporary driver visas

Logistics UK says the country's HGV driver shortage can be helped if the government introduces temporary driver visas.

‘Route to Zero’ campaign launched for hauliers

Logistics UK has revealed that it is launching a 'Route to Zero' campaign for its members, which includes hauliers.

Haulage industry criticises plans for solving HGV driver crisis

Government proposals to resolve the HGV driver crisis in the UK have been criticised.

Call for seasonal visas to tackle driver shortage

A call for seasonal visas and driver training funding to tackle a shortage of drivers has been made by Logistics UK.