Hike in fuel duty would hit economy hard

With reports that UK Chancellor, Rishi Sunak is considering raising the fuel duty by 5p per litre, it’s not just the nation’s drivers who will be impacted. Logistics businesses – and the wider economy – would also feel the pressure.

What trucking can tell us about the economy

Trucking companies can give a very clear idea about what consumers will be demanding in the months ahead. It offers a reliable indicator, giving a sense of where demand is growing in real time.

Covid-19 hits commercial vehicle production worldwide

Recent analysis by IHS Markit, the production of commercial vehicles globally is down 22% to 2.6 million units compared to 2019.

Slower recovery for UK haulage industry than European neighbours

Activity in the UK trucking industry is getting back to pre-coronavirus levels, but recovery is slower than its European counterparts.

EU trucking market set for €63 billion coronavirus loss

A new report suggests that revenue from road freight in Europe could drop by as much as €63 billion in 2020 as a result of the impact of coronavirus.

Research reveals pandemic effect on road freight turnover

European road freight companies are expected to see a 17% decrease in annual turnover this year due to the Covid-19 crisis, according to industry estimates. 

Could biomethane cut your fuel costs?

Are you keen to save on fuel costs for your truck fleet? Then switching from diesel to biomethane could be the answer you’re looking for, according to a new campaign. 

Road freight sector ‘needs post-Covid funds’

The trucking industry needs €75 bn from the EU to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic and prepare for new transport measures, according to calculations made by the International Road Transport Union (IRU). 

Government insurance guarantee boosts truck firms

Struggling road haulage firms are in line to benefit from the government’s new £10bn insurance guarantee to protect firms during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Unemployment could hit haulage industry hard, report predicts

While the industry has been praised by the government for ensuring Britain is “fuelled and fed, almost half (46%) of haulier’s lorries in the UK have been taken off the road since the coronavirus outbreak started.

Amazon wants us to know it is not undercutting the road freight market

Amazon has denied it plans to undercut the road freight market after the launch of its new online freight brokerage service.

A world without truckers? It would be pretty dire…

The latest report from logistics market research company Ti shows that Europe’s road freight sector saw its fastest growth rate of 4.5% in real terms since 2009. Figures published in the European Road Freight Transport report also show that this momentum looks set to continue. Europe, like so many other regions around the globe, is heavily reliant on trucking, so it’s hard to imagine the effects if truck drivers were to suddenly stop driving. You can get some idea from events in Brazil. When Brazilian truckers went on strike for a week, it paralysed the country. Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city and financial hub, declared a state of emergency, and public transport ground to a standstill as petrol stations ran out of fuel. Brazil’s President gave in to striking truckers’ demands after...[Read More]