electric vehicles

A.F. Blakemore to trial electric Electra e-Cargo refrigerated HGV

A.F. Blakemore will be trialling a 19-tonne Electra e-Cargo refrigerated rigid vehicle for a week.

Hauliers must be consulted over road pricing plans

Road haulage firms must be consulted about Government plans for a road pricing scheme, Logistics UK says.

DFDS orders another 25 heavy Volvo FM Electric trucks

Logistics firm DFDS has placed an additional order for 25 heavy Volvo FM Electric trucks.

Renault Trucks unveils new urban, all-electric truck

A new urban, all-electric D Wide ZE LEC truck from Renault Trucks has been unveiled with a new low cab.

Renault Trucks zero emission vehicle launches in UK

Renault Trucks has launched a 26-tonne fully electric truck which is headed for the UK market. The Renault D Wide ZE will be the first zero emission vehicle from Renault for the UK.

China leading the way in electric trucking

To say that China dominates the electric trucking market is no exaggeration. The country is leagues ahead of its competitors in terms of producing electrified trucks. However, the signals point to sales of electric trucks to take off around the world pretty soon.

Covid-19 and its impact on etruck development

The impact of the global pandemic will be felt for years to come as businesses and industries struggle to overcome its economic impact.

Is electric truck technology making progress?

Unlike light vehicles, the commercial vehicle sector has largely avoided the emissions scandal. However, there is increasing political pressure to regulate heavy-duty CO2 emissions.

Nikola electric road tractor planned for Europe

Nikola Tre is a fully electric hydrogen-powered cab tractor that is being developed with European markets in mind.

Where’s the proof, Elon?

Elon Musk is not afraid of grabbing the headlines. Whether he’s smoking weed on a webcast, announcing plans to make Tesla private, accusing someone of being a paedophile, or discussing his plans in outer space, it seems there’s never a dull minute with this guy around.

Electric trucks are coming

Think what you want about electric trucks, but they are the future. They have to be.

After-treatment could mean zero-emissions diesel engines

Internal combustion engines could provide a cheaper, cleaner alternative to electric powertrain technology in trucks.