The great trucker shortage drags on

A new study by the International Road Transport Union (IRU) has revealed that one in five European truck driver jobs is currently vacant.

Truck makers worried about CO2 emissions limits

In February, the EU reached a tentative deal on CO2 emission limits for heavy-duty commercial vehicles. The rules require that between 2025 and 2029, new trucks must emit an average of 15% less CO2 compared to this year’s emission levels.

New road and vehicle safety rules

Proposed rules on road infrastructure and vehicle safety could help save thousands of lives on Europe’s roads, claims the European Transport Safety Council.

Trucking’s go-slow Brexit protest

Everyone’s fed up of Brexit. More than two years of fighting, whining, confusion and lies. My god, the lies… We’ve all had enough – and that includes truck drivers. Earlier this month, a pro-Brexit activist group called the Brexit Direct Action Group suggested a national truck drivers’ protest if Brexit was delayed.

Europe leading the way in autonomous vehicles

According to MEPs in the European Parliament’s transport committee, the EU should be moving forward with driverless vehicle technology to avoid being left behind by the US and China.

Disagreement over truck CO2 emissions regulations

Four months ago, the European Commission published it proposal to start regulating the CO2 emissions of trucks. The proposal set out a 15% cut in CO2 emissions from trucks by 2025 and a 30% cut by 2030.

European companies want stricter rules on emissions targets for trucks

Businesses in Europe have joined forces to demand ambitious carbon emissions targets for trucks.

EU transport initiatives

Three years from now, it will be mandatory for all new vehicles in the EU to be fitted with the latest advanced safety technology. This includes emergency braking and lane-keeping systems for cars and pedestrian/cyclist-detection systems for trucks.

Aim: Reducing truck emissions

The EU wants to reduce CO2 emissions, and has set its sights on truck emissions to achieve that goal. As a result, from 1 January 2019 manufacturers will have to declare the CO2 emissions and fuel consumption levels on new trucks.